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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday May 12th, 2009 9.30 a.m. PST

Conference call details:
US: 1-888-727-6732
Outside US: 1-719-867-3417
pin: 601425

Agenda/Chair: Midori
Minutes: DavidOS
Attendees: Harold, DavidOS, KarenC, Midori, Jen, Chris, Amina

Action items carried over

  • UTF8 support
  • Ability to switch between incremental reasoning on/off states. - In Progress
  • Image display improvements

Teaching Resources

  • David's poster posted to the wiki:


  • Link oboedit.org/SF download page from the main GO documentation
    • Midori - No fixed - points to oboedit.org download page so as to have less overhead to update GO documentation page every time a new release package is out.

Discussion items

  • Lost log files in latest version OE2
    • Midori and Harold can't see log files for new version OE2. David checked this - his not being updated either.
    • Jen, could this be connected with there being 2 different config folders?
      • But - other people don't have this issue, so probably not.
    • Amina will try to look into issue this week.

  • Feature request - Check/auto-update for when alt_id turns up in a consider or replaced_by tag.
    • Should we update automatically? Or perhaps have a verification check?
      • General agreement that it should be automatic - having a check being excessive paranoia.

  • Amina met Tanya at Stanford last Thursday.
    • Feature request arising from meeting with Tanya - set DBxref manager so can add DBxrefs to synonyms.
      • David: Would be v.useful to have this feature.
      • Jen and Harold: might make it easiest if we could do this all be dragging an dropping.
      • But Midori doesn't want to be forced to drag and drop.
    • DBxref manager is working to add refs to multiple selected terms but this is very slow. Jen looking in to speeding this up.
addendum: there is a feature request open for the dbxref library/synonym thing:


  • Jen demo - merge GUI.
    • Looks good, and although there are some confusing looking options, these seem to be explained well in the

existing doc.

  • Amina - suggestion for future meetings. Can others in the group contribute tips for a 'tip of the week' each meeting?

Demos/ Tips/ Ticks

Tip of the week

  • Adding multiple terms at one go and what to expect from this feature in the future! - Amina

Action Items


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