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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday August 25th, 2009 9.30 a.m. PST

Conference call details:
US: 1-888-727-6732
Outside US: 1-719-867-3417
pin: 601425

Agenda/Chair: Jen
Minutes: Amina
Attendees: KarenC, DavidOS, Jen, Ricardo Rodriguez (webex only), Amina.

Action items carried over

  • Working group to email AA a bug/comment on fixes
  • Graph Viewer Issues

Discussion items

  • Terms with XP defs appear to be indestructable in OE2. There is no way to

delete (AKA obsolete) or destroy them.

  • OBO-Edit article for GO News

David: can we use the tutorial video
Amina: waiting to hear back from Barry Smith
David: I would like to put together something more compact and quick introduction to xps
- thinking about relationships as part of our definition
- what relations are necessary and sufficient..
- one paragraph summarizing the theoretical stuff and other one on implementation
Karen: graph editor display is my fav feature.. see exactly what parts of the ontology i want to see for browsing and editing and finding the right part of the tree
We usually editing in OTE but to find far off terms i use GE
David: I second that - you can work up the graph to find your terms
I agree its great for demonstrating stuff
Jen: different editing styles is a great feature changing layout style is very helpful
Karen: i like undocking and maximizing components to see more details

  • GO meeting discussion
  • has_part:

Karen: I would like to see the direction but i don't like what it does to the biological relationship David: I started to write up some examples for why i think the grouping by has_part is logically wrong.. which should show where it does the wrong thing. The child parent convention is not formalized - it a convenient to show - doesn't have logical meaning.

Karen: other curators in my office are thrown by it
ppl who understand GO..they're not coming to this meeting.. and think its a whacky ontology thing

David: Alex's email put this really well..using them to make xps b/w ontology
you gotta have consistency
Logical definitions is a big part of the relations ontology paper
everybody has got to come to grips with quantifiers
they're really not difficult
fundamental to what we do
including when we do basic grouping
Karen: i dont like the display
David: if you use it for grouping theres logic you're dealing with
Karen: i recognize chris's point on using has part for grouping

Since Chris was not present and to include the other members of the working group it was decided that the discussion would continue over email..

Text Editor -> Cross Product Tab -> "Click or drop a term here to add new differentia" button. Amina: feature not working correctly. David: autocomplete is so fast the importance of this feature has gone down.



Action Items

  • OBO-Edit article for GO news
  • Cross-product component anomalies
  • Text Editor xps component bugs
  • consistent behavior for LPR and RBR
  • cronjob for JUnit tests


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