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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday February 2nd, 2010 8.30 a.m. PDT

Conference call details: New GOC conference call numbers
US: 1 866 953 9688
UK: 0808 238 6001
pin: 801561

Agenda/Chair: Amina
Minutes: Midori
Attendees: Amina, Midori, Jen, Karen C, Harold, Terry, Laurel Cooper, Ramona Walls

Action items carried over

Bug and Feature Tracker Updates

Amina working on bug fixes for release; will comment on SF items.

Terry asked about is_a closure; Amina says it's working now in to-be-released OE.

Discussion items

  • Laurel and Ramona join working group. Both work on the Plant Ontology. Introductions all around.
  • Cross-product use case documentation written by DavidH, Tanya and Jane.
    • Should we make this available, and if so, how? Add to user guide or post on wiki?
  • Meeting schedule to change to every other week instead of weekly schedule.
  • Brief discussion of definitions, structured plus "gloss", how handled in OE, etc.

Demo: ID Manager usage

  • Discussion on ID Manager and ID Fixer.
    • ID manager demo done.
    • ID Fixer documentation page - postponed until next meeting

Action Items


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