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OBO-Edit Working Group, Tuesday May 4th, 2010 8.30 a.m. PDT

Conference call details: New GOC conference call numbers
US: 1 866 953 9688
UK: 0808 238 6001
pin: 801561

Agenda/Chair: Amina
Minutes: Terry

Action items carried over

  • Amina: make SVG icons for each letter of the alphabet. Done - sent to Terry
    They look lovely!-Terry

Bug and Feature Tracker Updates

Discussion items


  • New beta 4 is available. Several of us downloaded it already.
  • Potential issues-
    • Terry has been working with an early version of Beta4 as he needed the is_a closure feature. He just noticed that comments fields are being replicated for many of the terms. Chris thinks what is occurring is every-time an is_a closure is performed, OE grabs the comments field and adds it to the stanza creating a duplication
    • Harold found that if you search for a term using the "name or synonym" and "contains" filters, many relationships are included in the results field (no relationships should be returned). This happened with most but not all search terms. Terry was able to duplicate this bug.
  • Amina asked if any other problems were encountered. Specifically she asked:
    • Confusion with OBO_REL:is_a vs is_a - Terry did not notice issues with this lately.
    • Cloning Terms. No one noticed any issues.
    • Term merging. Laura did this once and it seemed okay.
    • Tree editor. Parents getting changed here. Problem seems to have gone away. Resetting of obo_config may have done this. Amina said faulty rendering in the editors can be fixed by resetting the config folder.
  • There are many open issues on the tracker, but Amina thinks she has dealt with most of them.
  • Since the beta is just released, we agreed to meet for next Tuesday (11th). The Tuesday after is the Cell Ontology workshop so no meeting then.

Action Items

  • Terry will add tracker about comments section being duplicated. Done - Chris M is correct that a duplicate field is added after every is_a closure.
  • Amina will follow up on Harold's tracker item about relationships showing up in the search term results field.
  • Amina will close out old tracker iterms.
  • We will meet NEXT tuesday the 11th. In the mean time we should all test the new beta. It would be nice to have an official release by the Cell ontology workshop.


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