OE IRC 1June06

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midori: hi there

midori: pretty quiet here ...

jclark: hi

Alex_MGI: Who knows if John is even awake yet ...

midori: I wouldn't be, if I'd been up 'til 2:30!

Alex_MGI: So is there an actual cross-product bug still, or only the lack of proper error messages?

midori: What I've got now is that there is a way to get the cross-product system to do exactly what it's supposed to do. BUT ... it's a bit non-obvious, so the documentation needs a bit added. Also, it will allow you to do something weird (make a term its own genus or differentia), which I think we'll want to disallow.

midori: Karen C and I are comfortable with documenting the "own genus/diff" oddity as a known issue, releasing as is, and then fixing the behavior in the next release (it could even be a minor release, I suppose).

jclark: that seems like a good idea

Alex_MGI: I'm comfortable with that. I imagine the ability to create cross-products is a feature that is needed by only a small minority of users for the moment.

midori: Yes, and it does work.

jclark: that seems nice and straightforward then

Harold: I think that would work nicely; I'd rather not put off the 1.0 release unless absolutely required by a major flaw

Alex_MGI: We're probably burnt out by this process.

midori: same here, and I get the impression

midori: ... that John feels much the same too

jclark: I think it would be better to go ahead and release too

midori: (on both Harold's and Alex's points!)

jclark: We've worked hard to get it to a stable state

Harold: and certainly the documentation is better than it has ever been

Alex_MGI: Will John, then, be making the official announcement on GO Friends? I also think we need to modify the website tool page to emphasize OBO-Edit (and deemphasize DAG-Edit).

jclark: true

jclark: Amelia can do that quite quickly I think

Alex_MGI: Perhaps the tools should be listed separately and we make clear that OBO-Edit is the preferred and more advanced tool.

Alex_MGI: And that DAG-Edit still works, but is not going to be updated anymore.

midori: good idea, since DAG-Edit will still be available for a while (I don't know how long).

jclark: It is listed as aconsortium tool separately from the third party tools

jclark: oh I see

jclark: yes

midori: We might also want to set a date to drop support for DAG-Edit.

Alex_MGI: I think we should give it a year, since some folks still use it.

jclark: I suppose many of the answers to questions will be 'that bug is fixed in obo-edit'

Harold: I also think that the betas, etc. should be hidden or removed to simplifiy the choices. Myabe leave one version of DAG-Edit and of course, One version of OBO-edit 1.0

Harold: me: fingers tripping over each other

midori: SourceForge already makes you dig a bit more for older than for the latest releases ...

Alex_MGI: Should we perhaps provide a direct download link for OBO-Edit on the GO Consortium pages, so that people don't have to deal with the Geekdom that is SourceForge?

jclark: yes I think that would be best

karen-c: sorry I'm late

rama: I second that idea.

midori: great idea!

Alex_MGI: We've already assumed that the non-bug quirks of cross-product creation are not show-stoppers for you to releasing the 1.0 version.

Alex_MGI: (addressing Karen)

karen-c: I was thinking the same thing

karen-c: I think we want to take some more time to decide what behavior we really want for the next release, but this shouldn't hold up this one.

midori: that's essentially what we've been thinking here too.

midori: (Hi, Tanya!)

tberardi: Hi! I'm downloading beta 26 right now but will have to run to another meeting at 10 am.

tberardi: Is John finally getting some sleep?

midori: I hope so ...

tberardi: Anything pressing that I can contribute to right now?

jclark: We're just all agreeing that it would be good to release

karen-c: It would be good to make sure that the things MIke Cherry needs (obo2flat and obodiff) are working properly

jclark: midori has just nipped out so nobody is chairing now

jclark: does anybody know what the score is with those other bugs?

tberardi: Have you divvied up those tasks yet?

jclark: whch tasks?

tberardi: Other than John saying that obodiff is fixed in beta26, no.

tberardi: Tasks: test obo2flat and test obodiff

Alex_MGI: Yes, that 's important for this release. Also, we just have to accept that someone will eventually find a bug we didn't, and it will be fixed in the next release.

jclark: so we could arrange for those two things to be tested today then?

karen-c: Of course, it's just that Mike has to be able to use the obo2flat script in order to be able to generate the legacy flat files

midori: I'm back ... (I was chairing?? )

jclark: other bugs are sure to emerge but the bad ones have been found I guess

jclark: I thought so yes.

tberardi: Has anyone tried the obo2flat before?

rama: Karen- Is Mike going to test this today?

karen-c: I'll see if MIke can test b26, and if not I'll give it a stab

jclark: cool

midori: cool, thanx

tberardi: Great!

jclark: and if they work then we're agreed it's okay to release?

midori: yup

karen-c: sounds good to me

jclark: Yay!

Alex_MGI: agreed

jclark: So we should communicate that to John

tberardi: Sorry if I missed this but is the 'scary' bug that Karen C found in X products all ok now?

midori: Have we got anything else for now?

Alex_MGI: We should send him this transcript as well.

karen-c: I'm not sure it's a bug, I think it might be considered unanticipated behavior

tberardi: Hey! The DBxrefs weird GUI behavior is gone in beta 26! Yipee!

jclark: Hi tanya, it's in the transcript which will be sent out.

tberardi: OK, thanks Jen.

tberardi: I meant the Dbxref plugin weird window resizing behavior that Midori and I saw.

midori: I'll send the transcript to the list as usual ... anyone who knows of anyone else who should see it can forward it.

Harold: I know I can create the flats through OBO-EDIT itself.

karen-c: We do need to check the X products docs to make sure that we've included the tidbits about how to actually select and drag the x-product terms

Alex_MGI: Just point out that this was an ad-hoc IRC chat, not a regularly scheduled one.

tberardi: Sounds like there's a plan. Karen C/Mike C will test beta26 for obodiff and obo2flat behavior and we'll let John know if the results are positive so that he can release.

midori: Karen, can you do that documentation bit? If not I can have a go after I get home.

karen-c: I can edit the file, but I haven't got CVS access for the SF site sorted out, so I have to send JOhn the files

karen-c: Anyway, yes, I'll do it.

midori: Ah ... I've got SF CVS access sorted, so you can send to me if John's swamped.

karen-c: OK, I'll mail it to both of you

midori: ok

Alex_MGI: Are we all set then?

Alex_MGI: (to finish the chat)

midori: I think so ...

midori: (I know I'm ready to go home!)

tberardi: All set.

jclark: shall we be off then?

rama: yeap, all set.

karen-c: all set

jclark: bye then.

tberardi: Toodles!

karen-c: bye

Alex_MGI: Great, good work everyone!

midori: thanks everyone!

Harold: we'll meet again... don't know where... don't know when..... (music).