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5:20 PM
jrichter: Chris, are you lurking?
jrichter: ...
midori: hi
jrichter: Hi, Midori.
midori: We've just had a Skype conf + dodgy VNC with Chris.
jrichter: Demoing what? I saw some emails about that demo, but I didn't know what it was about or where it was.
midori: OBO-Edit with relationships inferred by the reasoner for regulation of xyz.
jrichter: Ah. Too bad I missed that. I'm going to email him right now.
midori: there's a stripped-down version of OBOL involved somewhere too, and intersection_of tags ... I kind of blanked on some of the techy details.
5:25 PM
jrichter: Are we adding these to the GO then? Or is this just a research project for now.
midori: More like research at the moment, but we'll add them to the go edit file fairly soon.
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5:30 PM
Alex_MGI: John, do you have any more bug reports?
jrichter: I was just posting a comment about your latest bug report.
Alex_MGI: I was thinking more of bugs that affect you in a personal way.
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jrichter: Ah! After some agonized writhing last night, I awoke refreshed and uninfected. What an awful and degrading mystery is the human body.
midori: um, glad you're better, anyway
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MelissaH: Hi there.
Alex_MGI: Indeed!
jrichter: Hey, everybody.
jrichter: This is probably everyone who's going to show up.
jrichter: I don't have much of an agenda. I just wanted to see how people felt about the new "quick fix" system in the verification plugin, and to hear any concerns from the WG posse.
midori: Jane might be along in a minute ... just had an email from her.
5:35 PM
jrichter: I also wanted to know what the managers thought about hiring a tech writer.
midori: The GO PIs are going to discuss the tech writer at their next conf call, because of the budget implications.
midori: (That may mean it's good-to-GO if the money can be found ...)
Alex_MGI: Yes, perhaps a tech writer could also work on Amigo Docs and other GO related things.
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jrichter: Did anyone get a chance to try the quick-fix stuff?
J-Lo: yep
jrichter: How do we feel about that solution to our various verification plugin problems from last week?
J-Lo: perfect!
karen-c: no, this bug I've got has really knocked me out and I haven't done anything with OBO-Edit at all 
Alex_MGI: I think I understand the paradigm now.
Alex_MGI: (Another bug report!)
5:40 PM
jrichter: I can write a quick-fix for any problem that the verification plugin can find, as long as there's a consistent, algorithmic way to implement it. So if you're getting a warning or an error that you'd like me to write a quick-fix for, let me know.
midori: I've concentrated on the text editor (Amelia bequeathed it to me and Alex).
Alex_MGI: I've not done much with it myself.
jrichter: The idea is that some warnings and errors from the verification plugin have a little quick-fix button you can click that will present you with a list of automatic fixes.
midori: Well, that sounds cool.
MelissaH: just tried it. nice.
jrichter: When you choose one, the fix is applied, the verification is re-run, and the fixed item should disappear from the list.
jrichter: There are still some bugs.
Alex_MGI: The settings are not persistent between restarts.
jrichter: Which settings?
Alex_MGI: The verification plugin settings; Midori already reported this I think.
midori: Many settings -- see my bug report in SF 1593331.
jrichter: I'll work on that today.
jrichter: Has anyone noticed any major omissions in the documentation for the feature they're testing? (besides verification, I know that's missing)
Alex_MGI: Also, in the report generated it looks like things are hyperlinked, but nothing happens when you click on something.
midori: Not so far, but I'm nowhere near all the way through text editor testing. (Tho I imagine not much of that will have changed ... true?)
jrichter: Alex: The hyperlinks only work when you run in manual mode. In Load, Save and Text Edit mode, the window is modal, so you can't do anything outside the window.
MelissaH: the links work on a manual run, but not on the save run.
5:45 PM
jrichter: Midori: Little has changed in the text editor.
J-Lo: By the way John, we brought up the possibility of hiring a technical writer at the call yesterday - go-top are going to discuss it on their next call
karen-c: haven't looked for docs for what I'm testing, will see if I can download now and check
jrichter: A note about manual vs. other verification checks.
Alex_MGI: Oh.
MelissaH: need to add something about the fantastic new button added to the graphviewer.
jrichter: If you save and get a bunch of warnings and errors, you can cancel the save, go to the verification plugin, and look at the latest report at your leisure.
jrichter: (You're right, Melissa. Thanks)
jrichter: That's all I've got. Any other issues?
midori: Nothing from me that can't be covered in bug reports.
J-Lo: obo2obo
MelissaH: just tried that- it was an old verification from the previous ontology loaded- should you have to re run it?
jrichter: ?
midori: (of which I have submitted a few.)
J-Lo: but we can discuss by email
J-Lo: (it won't work for Mike C)
5:50 PM
jrichter: Jane - maybe everyone else can head out so we can talk about that over IRC.
J-Lo: okay
midori: Shall I send a transcript of this part?
jrichter: Melissa - the verification plugin always shows the results from the last verification run. So it's doing the right thing.
jrichter: Yup. Bye everyone who isn't Jane.
MelissaH: ok, bye.