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09/16/2008    09:26:31 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hi
09/16/2008    09:26:37 AM    from David OS:	Hi Nomi
09/16/2008    09:26:53 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hi, Karen
09/16/2008    09:27:44 AM    from Amina:	Hi Everyone
09/16/2008    09:27:46 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hey, midori
09/16/2008    09:28:19 AM    from Karen:	Hi all
09/16/2008    09:28:34 AM    from Nomi Harris:	You guys are so amazingly prompt.
09/16/2008    09:29:19 AM    from David OS:	Occasionally prompt might be a more apt description of me
09/16/2008    09:29:34 AM    from JenDeegan:	Hi
09/16/2008    09:29:49 AM    from midori:	Hi
09/16/2008    09:29:58 AM    from Amina:	Hi Jen and Midori
09/16/2008    09:30:05 AM    from JenDeegan:	Good meeting midori?
09/16/2008    09:30:14 AM    from Amina:	Agenda items for today?
09/16/2008    09:30:18 AM    from midori:	amazing and occasional are not mutually exclusive ;)
09/16/2008    09:30:48 AM    from JenDeegan:	I don't think I have anything.
09/16/2008    09:30:58 AM    from David OS:	amazingly I was prompt
09/16/2008    09:31:05 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I just sent you mail about the memory setting.
09/16/2008    09:31:25 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I don't know why the installer wants to set it so high--does that computer have a lot of memory?
09/16/2008    09:31:29 AM    from JenDeegan:	Yes thanks, I'll do that tomorrow.
09/16/2008    09:31:37 AM    from JenDeegan:	yes 3.5 G
09/16/2008    09:32:17 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Anyway, I forgot to mention that in the meantime, users can simply manually set the memory down a bit in the installer.
09/16/2008    09:32:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I know no one ever does that, but it is possible.
09/16/2008    09:32:24 AM    from JenDeegan:	yes that's very true
09/16/2008    09:32:32 AM    from JenDeegan:	good point
09/16/2008    09:32:44 AM    from David OS:	Ahh - that sounds familiar.  My linux box has 6G and the installer always defaults to the max - while telling me that Java can't deal with more than 2.  What's the fix?
09/16/2008    09:32:56 AM    from JenDeegan:	!?
09/16/2008    09:33:00 AM    from JenDeegan:	that's a lot of RAM
09/16/2008    09:33:01 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm working with Jen to find the max that works and make the installer limit it to that.
09/16/2008    09:33:25 AM    from Nomi Harris:	The max for java is 2048M, so I tried setting it to that, which works for me, but doesn't work for Jen.
09/16/2008    09:33:26 AM    from Amina:	The memory allocation can be manually set in the configuration manager
09/16/2008    09:33:45 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Amina, if it's set too high when you install OE, you can't even start up OE to get at the config manager.
09/16/2008    09:34:08 AM    from Amina:	Right
09/16/2008    09:34:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	So I'm going to make sure the installer doesn't let you pick a setting that is too high.
09/16/2008    09:34:30 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Apparently 2048M is too high on Windows.
09/16/2008    09:34:40 AM    from David OS:	It doesn't seem to matter what I set it too while installing - the installet always defaults to the max system memory when I install the next version
09/16/2008    09:34:52 AM    from David OS:	2048 is fine on linux
09/16/2008    09:34:53 AM    from JenDeegan:	on the plus side it means that one of our other EBI people is now testing the beta version.
09/16/2008    09:34:54 AM    from Harold:	Mine appears to grab 50% of the total memory
09/16/2008    09:35:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Yes, that will be good, Jen.
09/16/2008    09:35:11 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Harold, at least it's not 100%.
09/16/2008    09:35:18 AM    from JenDeegan:	:-)
09/16/2008    09:35:51 AM    from midori:	mine usually suggests around 2/3 of what the machine has
09/16/2008    09:36:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	In the installer code, it suggests 80% of what you have.
09/16/2008    09:36:27 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Maybe that's a bit high.
09/16/2008    09:36:50 AM    from JenDeegan:	does that mean that some of Harold's ram is broken?
09/16/2008    09:36:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I don't know.
09/16/2008    09:36:58 AM    from David OS:	Can you set it to max out at the max java can cope with?
09/16/2008    09:37:01 AM    from midori:	the suggestions have been fine for me
09/16/2008    09:37:05 AM    from JenDeegan:	if it's picking 50 of what he think he has when it should be picking 80%?
09/16/2008    09:37:06 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Yes, David, that's what I'm trying to do.
09/16/2008    09:37:19 AM    from Nomi Harris:	That should be 2048M, but 2048M doesn't work for Jen.
09/16/2008    09:37:28 AM    from midori:	Jen - that's kind of beyond the scope of this meeting ...
09/16/2008    09:37:30 AM    from JenDeegan:	yes it's weird that.
09/16/2008    09:37:37 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I wouldn't worry about the 50%.
09/16/2008    09:37:39 AM    from JenDeegan:	yeah, just a thought for harold.
09/16/2008    09:37:46 AM    from Nomi Harris:	As we pointed out, Harold (or anyone) can always change that setting.
09/16/2008    09:38:01 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I should probably make sure that if you change it in the config manager, you don't make it >2048M
09/16/2008    09:38:04 AM    from Nomi Harris:	(or whatever we decide the max is)
09/16/2008    09:38:09 AM    from Nomi Harris:	because then you can't start up OE.
09/16/2008    09:38:19 AM    from Harold:	I just checked.. I thought I had more ram on this new machine than I do;  SO it's closer 75% (1.5 out of 2 (not 3))
09/16/2008    09:38:31 AM    from Amina:	Maybe we should document this in the user guide
09/16/2008    09:38:36 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I was hoping Melissa would be here today so she could demo the problem she's having that I can't replicate:
09/16/2008    09:38:44 AM    from midori:	mental arithmetic rears its ugly head
09/16/2008    09:38:57 AM    from Nomi Harris:	it takes a long time (7 sec, she says) to select terms in the OTE when she clicks on certain terms.
09/16/2008    09:39:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I tried her example and it was fast for me.
09/16/2008    09:39:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Is anyone else finding it slow to click on terms in the OTE?
09/16/2008    09:39:28 AM    from JenDeegan:	has she got the verification checks turned off?
09/16/2008    09:39:40 AM    from Nomi Harris:	(By the way, one thing to try if it is slow is closing nodes you're not interested in--if a lot of the tree is open, it takes longer to redraw.)
09/16/2008    09:39:40 AM    from JenDeegan:	I just occassionally find it slow.
09/16/2008    09:39:40 AM    from midori:	I've used b49 a little -- it's going well so far. I don't seem to get selection delays much any more (so far).
09/16/2008    09:39:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, she sent me her config and I tried running with that and didn't get the selection delay.
09/16/2008    09:40:03 AM    from JenDeegan:	weird
09/16/2008    09:40:10 AM    from JenDeegan:	I do get slow selections sometimes
09/16/2008    09:40:16 AM    from JenDeegan:	but not nearly as often as before.
09/16/2008    09:40:21 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Yesterday I was able to reproduce Jane's problem with the definition spell check.
09/16/2008    09:40:35 AM    from midori:	Changing selection was waaay slow in several previous betas; if b49 keeps treating me well I might say that's fixed for me.
09/16/2008    09:40:36 AM    from Nomi Harris:	When you get a slow selection, can you try to write down the circumstances?
09/16/2008    09:41:06 AM    from JenDeegan:	yes sure.
09/16/2008    09:41:12 AM    from Nomi Harris:	midori, in b49 I did an optimization for selection in OTE that makes it faster
09/16/2008    09:41:20 AM    from JenDeegan:	the thing is that it's very inconsistent
09/16/2008    09:41:21 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Glad to hear it's working well for you.
09/16/2008    09:41:23 AM    from midori:	so far so good!
09/16/2008    09:41:36 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, maybe it happens when it's doing something else in the background, like an autosave?
09/16/2008    09:41:44 AM    from JenDeegan:	oh that's a thought.
09/16/2008    09:41:48 AM    from JenDeegan:	I'll have a look.
09/16/2008    09:42:08 AM    from Nomi Harris:	So, I'm sorry to say that this is basically the last day I will be working on OBO-Edit. :-(
09/16/2008    09:42:14 AM    from JenDeegan:	aw....
09/16/2008    09:42:16 AM    from Nomi Harris:	My temporary appointment at LBNL has run out.
09/16/2008    09:42:19 AM    from Harold:	!!
09/16/2008    09:42:34 AM    from midori:	<sniff>
09/16/2008    09:42:36 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I will be working mostly on an external consulting job, and will spend only an hour or so a week on OE.
09/16/2008    09:42:41 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I know, I'm bummed too!
09/16/2008    09:42:54 AM    from Nomi Harris:	It's possible that when Suzi gets back, she'll find a way to fix it.
09/16/2008    09:43:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	At least I will not totally vanish--I will answer email and will even be physically present in the office to look at puzzling bugs with Amina.
09/16/2008    09:43:37 AM    from midori:	so at least we don't have to go cold turkey
09/16/2008    09:43:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Right.
09/16/2008    09:44:06 AM    from Harold:	GO:0060292
09/16/2008    09:44:14 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Huh?
09/16/2008    09:44:36 AM    from Harold:		long term depression
09/16/2008    09:44:46 AM    from Tanya:	lol
09/16/2008    09:44:48 AM    from Nomi Harris:	:-)
09/16/2008    09:45:08 AM    from Nomi Harris:	It's like the religious people who like to cite Bible verses that are appropriate to the situation--you cite GO terms.
09/16/2008    09:45:17 AM    from Harold:	these GO terms are good for more than just annotation!
09/16/2008    09:45:47 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Amina will run the future OEWG meetings, but I will try to attend.
09/16/2008    09:45:59 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Do you want to continue having them once a week, or have some of you felt like that was too frequent?
09/16/2008    09:46:33 AM    from Harold:	I think we should cetainly have one close to just after a new release gets issued
09/16/2008    09:46:34 AM    from JenDeegan:	If people would like to have fewer working group meetings, I would quite like a bit of time for developer chat.
09/16/2008    09:46:50 AM    from JenDeegan:	just if the time was not needed for other things.
09/16/2008    09:47:03 AM    from Karen:	weekly seems fine, that way they're usually shorter, or people have time to ask questions
09/16/2008    09:47:03 AM    from Tanya:	That would be good (fewer meetings).
09/16/2008    09:47:15 AM    from Amina:	I'll also be spening more time looking into the bugs-of -the -week and try to have quick fixes out
09/16/2008    09:47:19 AM    from midori:	I think we'll want once-a-week meetings for the whole wg when we're in the final testing push. But we're probably not at that stage yet.
09/16/2008    09:47:20 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I figured consistency was good, and that not everyone had to attend every week.
09/16/2008    09:47:39 AM    from JenDeegan:	how about office hours every other week?
09/16/2008    09:47:48 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Frankly, I never really understood the difference.
09/16/2008    09:48:00 AM    from midori:	I don't have a strong preference, but the office hours thing was working pretty well for a while.
09/16/2008    09:48:05 AM    from JenDeegan:	I think the plan is that important demos only happen in main meetings
09/16/2008    09:48:06 AM    from Nomi Harris:	It just seemed confusing to me to have two similar-but-different meetings.
09/16/2008    09:48:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We generally aren't demoing big new features because we are not adding big new features.
09/16/2008    09:48:27 AM    from JenDeegan:	true
09/16/2008    09:48:35 AM    from midori:	By 'office hours' we meant a time slot when we knew John would be available to have us demo bugs at him.
09/16/2008    09:48:36 AM    from Tanya:	Nomi- it is/was confusing for me as well
09/16/2008    09:48:41 AM    from Karen:	When we alternated meetings with office hours, meetings had agendas for specific things to discuss or demo, while office hours were for questions
09/16/2008    09:48:56 AM    from midori:	If the distinction isn't meaningful now, we don't need to keep using it.p
09/16/2008    09:49:06 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I didn't really see the point of the distinction, but if people prefer it that way, that's fine.
09/16/2008    09:49:26 AM    from midori:	still no strong p refs ...
09/16/2008    09:49:32 AM    from JenDeegan:	I think it just means some people can skip alternate meetings and know they're not missing anything.
09/16/2008    09:49:40 AM    from Karen:	I don't reallly mind either way, just commented on the distinction that existed when John ran them
09/16/2008    09:49:41 AM    from Nomi Harris:	They can skip all of them and not miss much. :-)
09/16/2008    09:49:49 AM    from JenDeegan:	:-)
09/16/2008    09:49:53 AM    from midori:	But surely that will soon change! ;)
09/16/2008    09:50:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hey, what are you saying? :-)
09/16/2008    09:50:27 AM    from JenDeegan:	That sounds like a hint that we need to get the agenda written in advance.
09/16/2008    09:50:31 AM    from midori:	(k idding!)
09/16/2008    09:50:33 AM    from JenDeegan:	We do ramble a bit.
09/16/2008    09:51:05 AM    from Nomi Harris:	So Jane's bug was:
09/16/2008    09:51:08 AM    from Nomi Harris:	1. The spell checker doesn't run unless you change the repeated word check config, even though it's supposedly on 2. There are so many words missing from the dictionary it causes a crash when you run a spell check on the definitions.  Don't think we can d
09/16/2008    09:51:19 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Don't think we can do anything about number two, it mostly because GO is so big and contains so many chemical names. We should fix number 1 before release though."
09/16/2008    09:51:31 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I have now observed #1.
09/16/2008    09:51:34 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I will fix that.
09/16/2008    09:51:58 AM    from JenDeegan:	we were planning to get one person to do the dictionary file and make it available for everyone, but we haven't done it.
09/16/2008    09:51:59 AM    from Nomi Harris:	For #2, my OE doesn't crash, but it does find thousands of spelling errors in GO.
09/16/2008    09:52:09 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm thinking I need to cap the # of errors it shows.  What's a good cap?  500?
09/16/2008    09:52:17 AM    from Harold:	lower!
09/16/2008    09:52:42 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Really?  100?  But then you'd always just see the errors for the first chunk of terms and never see the errors for the later ones.
09/16/2008    09:53:07 AM    from JenDeegan:	once we have a dictionary file this shouldn't be a problem.
09/16/2008    09:53:16 AM    from Nomi Harris:	It would be nice if the verification panel had some sort of "show next 100 errors" button
09/16/2008    09:53:19 AM    from Nomi Harris:	but that would be non-trivial.
09/16/2008    09:53:23 AM    from Karen:	We could possibly improve #2 by collecting dictionary files from editors who have added words and at least getting those in
09/16/2008    09:53:25 AM    from Nomi Harris:	A more complete dictionary file would be a good idea.
09/16/2008    09:53:34 AM    from Harold:	I only "fix" the ones that I am working on anyways
09/16/2008    09:53:42 AM    from JenDeegan:	shall I put that file on my list?
09/16/2008    09:53:50 AM    from Harold:	Actually Karen that is a good idea
09/16/2008    09:53:50 AM    from JenDeegan:	I could try to do it this week.
09/16/2008    09:53:50 AM    from Tanya:	me too, I just ignore the rest
09/16/2008    09:53:53 AM    from Tanya:	(bad curator)
09/16/2008    09:54:01 AM    from Nomi Harris:	That's not bad, it's reasonable.
09/16/2008    09:54:15 AM    from Harold:	Hey, they're not MY spelling errors; they aren't even errors!
09/16/2008    09:54:17 AM    from David OS:	I've been building up my library file.  Perhaps worth pooling?
09/16/2008    09:54:21 AM    from midori:	It's realistic, whatever else it may me
09/16/2008    09:54:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, how about if everyone sends you their dictionary?
09/16/2008    09:54:27 AM    from midori:	... er. may BE
09/16/2008    09:54:27 AM    from JenDeegan:	or would it be possible to have an 'add all to disctionary' button?
09/16/2008    09:54:29 AM    from Karen:	I use OE2 for all my browsing and will add things in areas where I'm sure it's correct
09/16/2008    09:54:31 AM    from Nomi Harris:	You can then do this:
09/16/2008    09:54:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	cat dictionary* | sort | uniq >newdictionary
09/16/2008    09:55:03 AM    from JenDeegan:	I have some software that would merge mutiple disctionaries.
09/16/2008    09:55:08 AM    from JenDeegan:	yes, or that. :-)
09/16/2008    09:55:15 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Isn't that much simpler?
09/16/2008    09:55:17 AM    from JenDeegan:	spelling very odd there. :-)
09/16/2008    09:55:32 AM    from JenDeegan:	it's all good
09/16/2008    09:55:38 AM    from Harold:	We could post the combined dictionary to the site so others could make use of it
09/16/2008    09:55:51 AM    from JenDeegan:	would an 'add all to dictionary' button be hard to write?
09/16/2008    09:55:52 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Why can't we just commit it to the OE repository?
09/16/2008    09:55:59 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Add all what?
09/16/2008    09:56:06 AM    from Harold:	That's what I mean, the OE repository
09/16/2008    09:56:12 AM    from JenDeegan:	all unrecognised words.
09/16/2008    09:56:31 AM    from JenDeegan:	to be used for people loading new ontologies, who are certain that they are all well spelled.
09/16/2008    09:56:35 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, it would be possible, not completely trivial but not super-hard.
09/16/2008    09:56:38 AM    from Karen:	I don't know that I'd really want to have it add all unrecognized words, that would add actual spelling errors to the dicitonary
09/16/2008    09:56:58 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Harold, once the new expanded dictionary is committed, it will appear automatically in future OE releases.
09/16/2008    09:56:59 AM    from Amina:	Yeah what about the actual errors Jen
09/16/2008    09:57:05 AM    from Amina:	Those would be hard to detect
09/16/2008    09:57:16 AM    from JenDeegan:	only if we have spelling errors in the ontology, which naturally we don't.
09/16/2008    09:57:23 AM    from Harold:	I yah
09/16/2008    09:57:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Because you guys are perfect. :-)
09/16/2008    09:57:26 AM    from Amina:	In that case it makes sense
09/16/2008    09:57:29 AM    from JenDeegan:	also the file could then be checked by a technical spell checker
09/16/2008    09:57:35 AM    from JenDeegan:	:-)
09/16/2008    09:57:52 AM    from JenDeegan:	I'm just thinking it might be better than my clicking 'add' a billion times.
09/16/2008    09:57:54 AM    from Amina:	Sounds like a useful feature to add then
09/16/2008    09:57:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm running a spellcheck on GO now
09/16/2008    09:58:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm thinking I can save the errors as a file and write a little perl script to add the missing words to the dictionary.
09/16/2008    09:58:23 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'll see if I can do that quickly today.
09/16/2008    09:58:31 AM    from JenDeegan:	that would be extremely kind of you.
09/16/2008    09:58:57 AM    from Harold:	8-) we could always run it through Thunderbird's spell checker for laughs
09/16/2008    09:58:58 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I don't want you to click "add" a billion times and get RSI. :-)
09/16/2008    09:59:07 AM    from JenDeegan:	thanks :-)
09/16/2008    09:59:19 AM    from Harold:	MGI -> magi
09/16/2008    09:59:20 AM    from Tanya:	maybe we could hire a monkey
09/16/2008    09:59:28 AM    from Tanya:	I hear they work for bananas
09/16/2008    09:59:42 AM    from JenDeegan:	we should also post the file that has the words that can be written twice in a row.
09/16/2008    09:59:44 AM    from JenDeegan:	I will do that.
09/16/2008    09:59:55 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Harold, why did you say "MGI -> magi"?
09/16/2008    09:59:58 AM    from JenDeegan:	shall I put it on the wiki or on OBO-Edit?
09/16/2008    10:00:13 AM    from Nomi Harris:	The twice-in-a-row thing is problematic because the string is broken into tokens before it's checked
09/16/2008    10:00:21 AM    from midori:	I took it to be a spell checker suggestion
09/16/2008    10:00:38 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Allowing repeated words separated by punctuation would require a different approach.
09/16/2008    10:00:56 AM    from JenDeegan:	no, I mean just the ones that we currently detect.
09/16/2008    10:01:10 AM    from JenDeegan:	you know where it lets us add to the list those words that can be repeated.
09/16/2008    10:01:13 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Where's the current list?
09/16/2008    10:01:23 AM    from JenDeegan:	currently when we nuke the config directory that file gets lost.
09/16/2008    10:01:32 AM    from JenDeegan:	it must be in the config file somewhere.
09/16/2008    10:01:37 AM    from JenDeegan:	I could fish it out and post it.
09/16/2008    10:02:06 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Ok
09/16/2008    10:02:12 AM    from JenDeegan:	great
09/16/2008    10:02:23 AM    from JenDeegan:	shall I put it in the oboedit install or on the wiki?
09/16/2008    10:02:29 AM    from JenDeegan:	or even cvs?
09/16/2008    10:02:34 AM    from Nomi Harris:	svn
09/16/2008    10:02:37 AM    from JenDeegan:	ok
09/16/2008    10:02:39 AM    from JenDeegan:	thanks
09/16/2008    10:02:45 AM    from JenDeegan:	any particular place?
09/16/2008    10:02:46 AM    from Nomi Harris:	But it should also be included in the install
09/16/2008    10:02:58 AM    from Nomi Harris:	It should be analogous to dictionary.dict
09/16/2008    10:03:08 AM    from JenDeegan:	okay, I'll have a look.
09/16/2008    10:03:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Which is in src/org/oboedit/resources/dictionary.dict
09/16/2008    10:03:27 AM    from JenDeegan:	ta.
09/16/2008    10:03:29 AM    from Nomi Harris:	So the repeated-word file should go there.
09/16/2008    10:03:37 AM    from JenDeegan:	good plan.
09/16/2008    10:03:38 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Then it will be included in the jar automatically.
09/16/2008    10:03:49 AM    from JenDeegan:	great
09/16/2008    10:04:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	But we need to make sure it's called the right thing so the OE code knows to look for it.
09/16/2008    10:04:37 AM    from Tanya:	Is this the appropriate time to show some weird behavior in OE2 b49?
09/16/2008    10:04:59 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Sure
09/16/2008    10:05:13 AM    from Tanya:	Let me summarize briefly
09/16/2008    10:05:17 AM    from Tanya:	I load up the ontology
09/16/2008    10:05:34 AM    from Tanya:	I have a term renderer set up that Chris uses to point out terms with intersections.
09/16/2008    10:05:40 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Uh oh
09/16/2008    10:05:41 AM    from Tanya:	(I'll point to that)
09/16/2008    10:05:48 AM    from Tanya:	when I turn the semantic parser on
09/16/2008    10:05:54 AM    from Tanya:	some term names get truncated.
09/16/2008    10:07:23 AM    from Tanya:	Did you see that?
09/16/2008    10:07:23 AM    from midori:	yup
09/16/2008    10:07:29 AM    from Tanya:	OK, demo over.
09/16/2008    10:07:43 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Weird!
09/16/2008    10:07:45 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I saw that.
09/16/2008    10:07:46 AM    from Tanya:	Very.
09/16/2008    10:07:50 AM    from Harold:	it was instaneous!
09/16/2008    10:07:52 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Did you file a bug report?
09/16/2008    10:07:54 AM    from Tanya:	Yes.
09/16/2008    10:07:56 AM    from Tanya:	No, not yet.
09/16/2008    10:08:09 AM    from Tanya:	It happened in 48 and I hadn't checked 49
09/16/2008    10:08:09 AM    from midori:	It might be the same as this
09/16/2008    10:08:17 AM    from Tanya:	yet to see if it was still happening.
09/16/2008    10:08:21 AM    from midori:	https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2053394&group_id=36855&atid=418257
09/16/2008    10:08:32 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Amina, didn't you fix some bug having to do with term names being truncated?
09/16/2008    10:09:00 AM    from Amina:	Um - don't think so
09/16/2008    10:09:10 AM    from Nomi Harris:	midori, do you think that's the same bug as Tanya's?
09/16/2008    10:09:56 AM    from midori:	I can't be sure because I haven't done exactly what Tanya did (haven't tried the semantic parser at all, for one thing). But the symptoms are similar.
09/16/2008    10:10:11 AM    from midori:	Set up a renderer and see truncated terms.
09/16/2008    10:10:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Right.
09/16/2008    10:10:38 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Maybe Tanya should add her bug as a comment on midori's bug, and we should up the priority.
09/16/2008    10:10:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Or, if it's posted as a separate bug, be sure to reference midori's bug.
09/16/2008    10:11:04 AM    from Amina:	I can look into this today - I'll be working on a related issue
09/16/2008    10:11:14 AM    from midori:	yes, I put it as low priority because there's an easy fix in the OTE-specific renderer context
09/16/2008    10:11:27 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Tanya, did you try midori's fix?
09/16/2008    10:11:43 AM    from Tanya:	I was trying this out as Chris was suggesting it as a way to help with QC of the regulation terms.
09/16/2008    10:12:01 AM    from Tanya:	I just tried what I think was Midori's fix and either I'm misinterpreting her description
09/16/2008    10:12:05 AM    from Tanya:	or it doesn't work.
09/16/2008    10:12:41 AM    from midori:	My fix may not be available for the semantic parser incarnation of the bug.
09/16/2008    10:12:42 AM    from Tanya:	Opening and closing the config interface doesn't do anything.
09/16/2008    10:12:44 AM    from Amina:	Tanya could you also report the details of the renderer
09/16/2008    10:12:59 AM    from Amina:	I'd like to replicate the problem
09/16/2008    10:13:20 AM    from midori:	It does fix if the terms were truncated by a renderer added in the config interfface in the first place
09/16/2008    10:13:30 AM    from Tanya:	Sure.
09/16/2008    10:13:40 AM    from Tanya:	OK, here's a silly question which must be very easy to manage.
09/16/2008    10:13:43 AM    from Tanya:	answer.
09/16/2008    10:13:46 AM    from Tanya:	argh
09/16/2008    10:14:04 AM    from Tanya:	If I click on the Semantic Parser Manager.
09/16/2008    10:14:09 AM    from Tanya:	and tick the box
09/16/2008    10:14:14 AM    from Tanya:	as you saw me do in the demo
09/16/2008    10:14:21 AM    from Tanya:	but don't do anything with the Reasoner Manager
09/16/2008    10:14:35 AM    from Tanya:	am I doing the right thing?
09/16/2008    10:14:50 AM    from Nomi Harris:	No idea
09/16/2008    10:14:54 AM    from Tanya:	Anybody?
09/16/2008    10:14:57 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I don't know anything about the Semantic Parser Manager.
09/16/2008    10:14:59 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We need Chris.
09/16/2008    10:15:02 AM    from David OS:	what're you trying to achieve?
09/16/2008    10:15:14 AM    from Tanya:	:)
09/16/2008    10:15:20 AM    from JenDeegan:	surely you need the reasoner on?
09/16/2008    10:15:26 AM    from Tanya:	Following Chris' instructions.
09/16/2008    10:15:31 AM    from Tanya:	Right
09/16/2008    10:15:38 AM    from Tanya:	so if the Reasoner is not on
09/16/2008    10:15:50 AM    from Tanya:	then what does ticking the box in the SemanticParser Manager do?
09/16/2008    10:16:08 AM    from JenDeegan:	I thought it added some relationships or something
09/16/2008    10:16:14 AM    from midori:	I'm with Nomi - we need Chris
09/16/2008    10:16:16 AM    from Tanya:	I suppose they're independent?
09/16/2008    10:16:46 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Sorry, no idea.
09/16/2008    10:16:59 AM    from Tanya:	Anyway, I will open a bug report about the behavior I observed
09/16/2008    10:17:05 AM    from Tanya:	with details on how to reproduce it.
09/16/2008    10:17:13 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Thanks.
09/16/2008    10:17:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	And we did all see it, so we'll know you're not just imagining it. :-)
09/16/2008    10:17:30 AM    from Tanya:	Thanks, Midori. :)
09/16/2008    10:17:42 AM    from Harold:	I know that one!
09/16/2008    10:17:51 AM    from Nomi Harris:	?
09/16/2008    10:18:06 AM    from Harold:	eg, the scrolling bug!
09/16/2008    10:18:34 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm sure that no one is actually making up their strange bugs, but unless we have enough info to reproduce the problem, we can't fix it.
09/16/2008    10:18:54 AM    from Nomi Harris:	For the scrolling one, I pestered midori to give me more info until finally I was able to see it for myself.
09/16/2008    10:18:57 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Then I was able to fix it quickly.
09/16/2008    10:19:05 AM    from midori:	took me a while to figure out what to provide for that one
09/16/2008    10:19:27 AM    from midori:	often I do things without being fully conscious of it ... muscle memory
09/16/2008    10:19:40 AM    from Harold:	it's more weird when it happens once and then goes away so you can't demo it; then it comes back!
09/16/2008    10:19:59 AM    from Harold:	but we all saw this one!
09/16/2008    10:20:00 AM    from JenDeegan:	Jane found a tiny picture of a dog in the dbxref field today.
09/16/2008    10:20:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Like the way your car stops making that funny noise when you bring it to the repair place...
09/16/2008    10:20:09 AM    from JenDeegan:	but it won't be back.
09/16/2008    10:20:10 AM    from Nomi Harris:	A tiny picture of a dog?!
09/16/2008    10:20:15 AM    from Harold:	what!?
09/16/2008    10:20:17 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Did she get a screenshot?
09/16/2008    10:20:20 AM    from JenDeegan:	she just upgraded office.
09/16/2008    10:20:26 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Too bad it wasn't an image of the Virgin Mary.
09/16/2008    10:20:29 AM    from JenDeegan:	I'm not sure. It was extremely funny though.
09/16/2008    10:20:33 AM    from JenDeegan:	:-)
09/16/2008    10:20:47 AM    from Tanya:	we could have sold that version on eBay
09/16/2008    10:20:50 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Exactly!
09/16/2008    10:20:59 AM    from Harold:	which dbxref? I want to see!
09/16/2008    10:21:05 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Me too!
09/16/2008    10:21:12 AM    from Tanya:	and then Nomi's salary would be covered!
09/16/2008    10:21:16 AM    from JenDeegan:	I'll ask if she still had it.
09/16/2008    10:21:58 AM    from JenDeegan:	shall we wrap up now?
09/16/2008    10:22:02 AM    from Harold:	Maybe Bill Gates has his eye on oboedit!
09/16/2008    10:22:12 AM    from JenDeegan:	I should think he does :-)
09/16/2008    10:22:17 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Does anyone else have anything to bring up?
09/16/2008    10:22:24 AM    from JenDeegan:	nope
09/16/2008    10:22:26 AM    from Harold:	no;
09/16/2008    10:22:28 AM    from midori:	Not just now
09/16/2008    10:22:42 AM    from Karen:	nope
09/16/2008    10:22:44 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Ok
09/16/2008    10:22:48 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Bye all
09/16/2008    10:22:52 AM    from midori:	bye
09/16/2008    10:22:53 AM    from JenDeegan:	bye
09/16/2008    10:22:56 AM    from Amina:	bye all
09/16/2008    10:22:56 AM    from Harold:	Good bye
09/16/2008    10:22:57 AM    from Karen:	bye
09/16/2008    10:22:59 AM    from David OS:	taraa