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March 25, 2008	    4:36:30 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Hey, Jen.  Did you see that I made the search columns adjustable?
March 25, 2008	    4:36:34 PM	    from David OS:	Hiya
March 25, 2008	    4:37:34 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	Hiya Nomi
March 25, 2008	    4:37:35 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Did anyone try b34 yet?  Peter Midford encountered problems with it.  At first I thought it was a problem with the new oe-command-line script, but he had the same issues when he launched OE the normal way (double-clicking the icon).
March 25, 2008	    4:37:50 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	(Jen, if you said anything, I didn't hear it.)
March 25, 2008	    4:37:56 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	I've been using it today - seems okay
March 25, 2008	    4:38:09 PM	    from midori:	I've started it up and loaded GO. That's almost all I've done with it.
March 25, 2008	    4:38:15 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	He's on a Mac.  I'm not sure why he's having trouble.
March 25, 2008	    4:38:25 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	The specific problem he reported was that he couldn't get the config window to close,
March 25, 2008	    4:38:39 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	but he sent me the stdout and it was full of errors.
March 25, 2008	    4:38:55 PM	    from David OS:	I've been using it too.  Crashed once - but I think that was just an example of the occasional crashes casued by the graph editor. 
March 25, 2008	    4:39:02 PM	    from midori:	I'm on a Mac too, but with 10.4 (Peter says he has 10.5), and my config window opened and closed normally. I didn't change anything in the config, tho.
March 25, 2008	    4:39:17 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Does Peter work with you?
March 25, 2008	    4:39:22 PM	    from melissaH:	working ok for me today, except no new terms still.
March 25, 2008	    4:39:25 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	hi, here now. Just downloading
March 25, 2008	    4:39:42 PM	    from David OS:	Didn't see anything weird with config on linux with b34
March 25, 2008	    4:39:46 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Melissa says that when she creates a new term, she can't edit its name--the change doesn't stick.
March 25, 2008	    4:39:54 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Has anyone else encountered that problem?
March 25, 2008	    4:40:10 PM	    from midori:	Not in the last beta; haven't tried in b34
March 25, 2008	    4:40:11 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	That seems so major that I'd expect to have heard other reports of it.  (I can't recreate the problem.)
March 25, 2008	    4:40:34 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	This isn't new to b34.  She's been having that problem for a while.
March 25, 2008	    4:40:46 PM	    from melissaH:	I'm good at breaking things, though....
March 25, 2008	    4:40:52 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Melissa, I would suggest that you try renaming your .oboeditbeta (rather than removing it completely--that way you can get it back if you want it)
March 25, 2008	    4:40:58 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	and relaunching and see if that solves the problem.
March 25, 2008	    4:41:18 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	If it does, and if there are settings in your .oboeditbeta that you want to preserve, I can help you sort that out.
March 25, 2008	    4:41:21 PM	    from midori:	I haven't had that problem in the last several betas. Got some of my own special Nomi-can't-reproduce bugs, though!
March 25, 2008	    4:41:35 PM	    from melissaH:	ok, will do.
March 25, 2008	    4:41:57 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	midori, I think the solution is you should visit Berkeley and then I can look over your shoulder and figure out what's going on.
March 25, 2008	    4:41:57 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	btw - I've found a bug with the verification plugin I think (OE 1 & 2) - is this meeting the place to report it?
March 25, 2008	    4:42:13 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Well, technically, you should report it on the bug tracker.
March 25, 2008	    4:42:26 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	But you can mention it now if you think it might lead to a productive discussion.
March 25, 2008	    4:42:37 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	ok - it might
March 25, 2008	    4:42:42 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	(I'll admit right now that I know nothing about the verification plugin.  And there's already at least one bug report about it.)
March 25, 2008	    4:42:51 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	does anyone use it regularly?
March 25, 2008	    4:43:14 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	because the name redundancy checker seems to have stopped working
March 25, 2008	    4:43:23 PM	    from midori:	I have a few checks that run on eveny save, if that counts.
March 25, 2008	    4:43:25 PM	    from David OS:	Term name editing works fine for me w/ b34 lunix.
March 25, 2008	    4:43:47 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	there are several terms that share a name with their exact synonym
March 25, 2008	    4:44:05 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	There aren't any changes in b34 that should affect term name editing, so it does sound like that is a Melissa-specific problem (sorry, Melissa!).
March 25, 2008	    4:44:15 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	(this showed up when the UMLS people tried to merge in GO last month)
March 25, 2008	    4:44:22 PM	    from midori:	The name redundancy checker seems to be working for me in OE1, but I don't recall it ever being able to catch when a term had its own name as a synonym.
March 25, 2008	    4:44:35 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	it definitely used to
March 25, 2008	    4:44:43 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Jane, if you can give a specific example of the redundant synonyms when you post your bug report, I'll look into it.
March 25, 2008	    4:44:52 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	will do
March 25, 2008	    4:44:55 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	thanks
March 25, 2008	    4:45:02 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	It's possible that feature was never implemented in OE2.
March 25, 2008	    4:45:32 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	well, it looks like it's also broken in OE1
March 25, 2008	    4:45:33 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Hi again, midori.
March 25, 2008	    4:45:39 PM	    from melissaH:	question, is OEb34 doing an autosave now?
March 25, 2008	    4:45:52 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	If it's also "broken" in OE1, then I suspect that that means that it was never implemented, period.
March 25, 2008	    4:46:01 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	So perhaps it should be added to the Feature Requests tracker.
March 25, 2008	    4:46:09 PM	    from midori:	Guess I'll have to tell the nice people at webex support that their latest suggestion didn't help.
March 25, 2008	    4:46:13 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	It doesn't sound like it should be hard to implement, though.  I can look at it soon if it's important.
March 25, 2008	    4:46:21 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Melissa, I haven't changed the autosave behavior.
March 25, 2008	    4:46:24 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	cool
March 25, 2008	    4:46:31 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I'm not sure exactly what you're asking about autosave.
March 25, 2008	    4:47:07 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I can change the default autosaving behavior if people are finding it annoying.
March 25, 2008	    4:47:19 PM	    from melissaH:	something just flashed up, and now my ontology isn't current with the svn, was playing around with b34 with new terms... this is the behavior of phenote- maybe its borrowing something? I'll check further...
March 25, 2008	    4:47:24 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Like, if every 20 min is too frequent, or if saving the autosaved backups for a week is too much.
March 25, 2008	    4:47:39 PM	    from Jane Lomax:	I think it's ok as is
March 25, 2008	    4:47:49 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I don't think OE automatically updates the ontology from the svn.
March 25, 2008	    4:48:06 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	(Phenote does.)
March 25, 2008	    4:48:30 PM	    from Karen Christie:	Every 20 minutes is great when I'm editing, when I'm browsing, I'd just like a quick way to completely turn the autosave off, but I already submitted a feature request
March 25, 2008	    4:48:47 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Yes, I saw that.
March 25, 2008	    4:48:47 PM	    from melissaH:	no-no, just that my version is no longer current. I guess I didn't even realize that we had autosave- OE1 doesn't have this behavior and I have yet to really edit in OE2, so my bad. just need to be more carefule I suppose.
March 25, 2008	    4:49:03 PM	    from melissaH:	yes me too. 
March 25, 2008	    4:49:14 PM	    from David OS:	I thought autosave just saved backups in its own odd format and location - rather than saving over loaded copy of ontology.
March 25, 2008	    4:49:36 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	*sigh* I'm back
March 25, 2008	    4:49:50 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I got booted right after I said "I saw that request".  Did I miss anything?
March 25, 2008	    4:50:11 PM	    from David OS:	Just saying "I thought autosave just saved backups in its own odd format and location - rather than saving over loaded copy of ontology."
March 25, 2008	    4:50:20 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Yes, that's correct.
March 25, 2008	    4:50:31 PM	    from melissaH:	ok, probably something I did then. 
March 25, 2008	    4:50:54 PM	    from melissaH:	(good!)
March 25, 2008	    4:51:02 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	So I was glad that removing the "transitive links only" filter was not controversial--I thought it might be.
March 25, 2008	    4:51:25 PM	    from melissaH:	I think those of us that regularly need it off are used to turning it on and off.
March 25, 2008	    4:51:43 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Great.  And THANK YOU for offering to write the documentation about how to turn it back on--that would be great!
March 25, 2008	    4:52:29 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	You saw my note about removing your .oboeditebeta/filter_prefs.xml in order to let the new default (turn off that filter) take effect, right?
March 25, 2008	    4:52:40 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes
March 25, 2008	    4:52:51 PM	    from melissaH:	yep. I'll add something to the doc for that too.
March 25, 2008	    4:53:05 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Thanks.
March 25, 2008	    4:53:20 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Did everyone understand the deal with the new reasoner chooser?
March 25, 2008	    4:53:38 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	midori and possibly others have been complaining about reasoner slowness.  You can now choose the older, faster reasoner
March 25, 2008	    4:53:39 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	just taking a look
March 25, 2008	    4:53:51 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	instead of the newer slower one.  However, the older one will be phased out at some point.
March 25, 2008	    4:54:04 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes it looks easy
March 25, 2008	    4:54:10 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Hopefully Chris will be able to speed up the new one.
March 25, 2008	    4:54:13 PM	    from David OS:	Have been using old one today. Much faster.
March 25, 2008	    4:54:25 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	Nomi, are you coming to the consortium meeting?
March 25, 2008	    4:54:32 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Just keep in mind the old one can't deal with the "regulates" relationships.
March 25, 2008	    4:54:39 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, I wasn't planning to.
March 25, 2008	    4:54:47 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	rightio
March 25, 2008	    4:54:54 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	shame, would be nice to meet you
March 25, 2008	    4:54:56 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I was thinking maybe I should, but we have long-standing weekend plans for that weekend
March 25, 2008	    4:54:56 PM	    from midori:	I think so ... but where's the selector? My reasoner manager looks the same as before ...
March 25, 2008	    4:55:06 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	but also good way to let you see bugs that are only on our laptops
March 25, 2008	    4:55:18 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	that's fine if you're busy.
March 25, 2008	    4:55:26 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	so I couldn't get there before the afternoon of Monday the 21st--would that be worth it?
March 25, 2008	    4:55:44 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I know, it would be helpful to see your bugs in person (not to mention meeting all of you!).
March 25, 2008	    4:55:50 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	that's when I arrive
March 25, 2008	    4:56:09 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	the consortium meeting is 22-23rd
March 25, 2008	    4:56:22 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Oh, really?  If other people aren't arriving until Monday, maybe I should try to come.  I thought it started Sunday but I guess that's a different meeting.
March 25, 2008	    4:56:25 PM	    from midori:	that's Tuesday & wednesday
March 25, 2008	    4:56:39 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes it's the ref genome one that's before that
March 25, 2008	    4:56:39 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Are all of you going to be there?
March 25, 2008	    4:56:45 PM	    from midori:	(there's a Reference Genomes meeting on the Sunday & Monday)
March 25, 2008	    4:56:52 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I just wondered because John fixed a bug on my platform last consortium meeting
March 25, 2008	    4:56:56 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I was the only one that had it
March 25, 2008	    4:57:05 PM	    from midori:	I'll be there, but I won't have a computer that can reasonably be expected to run OE.
March 25, 2008	    4:57:18 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	What, it won't run on your iPhone?
March 25, 2008	    4:57:34 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	or I could just tell you that I run xp home edition, and not professional, I think that was all he needed to know.
March 25, 2008	    4:57:46 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	:)
March 25, 2008	    4:58:03 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	John had a Windows machine, so he could fix stuff like that.  I don't have access to one at the moment (though we're trying to get one here).
March 25, 2008	    4:58:31 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	he developed on xp professional though. I run hopme edition. I think that may be why the gui looks odd on comboboxes
March 25, 2008	    4:58:32 PM	    from David OS:	Can I bring up up a aesthetic point about b34?
March 25, 2008	    4:58:39 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	sure
March 25, 2008	    4:58:45 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Anyway, I will talk to Suzi about whether I should attend the meeting.  When I joined the OE project a few months ago, I was just here as a temporary fill-in, but this is getting to be a rather on-going temporary position...
March 25, 2008	    4:58:53 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	David, yes, go ahead.
March 25, 2008	    4:58:59 PM	    from melissaH:	Nomi, I won't be at the meeting, but I am coming to berkeley beginning of next month.
March 25, 2008	    4:59:26 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Let me know your dates, melissa, and we can meet and look at some of your melissa-specific bugs.
March 25, 2008	    4:59:35 PM	    from David OS:	The new pale yellow arrows for part_of links are really hard to see on a white background.
March 25, 2008	    5:00:05 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Hmm.  I made them lighter to contrast with the new orange regulates links
March 25, 2008	    5:00:08 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	but if they are too hard to see, then that's not a good solution.
March 25, 2008	    5:00:17 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I am open to suggestions for the colors.
March 25, 2008	    5:00:30 PM	    from midori:	I ahve to agree (despite my usual tendency to stay out of color-scheme debates).
March 25, 2008	    5:00:38 PM	    from David OS:	I'm not too fussy, as long as they're dark.
March 25, 2008	    5:00:55 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	How about if I restore part_of to its orangey-yellow and make regulates purple?
March 25, 2008	    5:00:58 PM	    from melissaH:	I like having the icons the same colors as the links.
March 25, 2008	    5:01:10 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	(I'll have to check if the red/green/yellow regulates icons still show up against the purple)
March 25, 2008	    5:01:20 PM	    from midori:	I'm with David ... anything with enough contrast is fine.
March 25, 2008	    5:01:31 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	melissa, I can't right now make the links the same color as the icons because (1) there are three different color regulates icons, and
March 25, 2008	    5:01:36 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	we could just have the lines black and the icons do the discriminating. This is going to be a pain for the colour blind people
March 25, 2008	    5:01:43 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	(2) the arrow shape doesn't show up if the background's the same color.
March 25, 2008	    5:02:04 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I really liked the black arrows and black lines
March 25, 2008	    5:02:09 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I thought that was enough already
March 25, 2008	    5:02:25 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I am trying to stay out of the icon decision.  Whatever you guys want is fine with me.
March 25, 2008	    5:03:07 PM	    from Karen Christie:	I don't care much about which color the lines are, but I do notice them better when the different relationships have different colors, not just all black for everything
March 25, 2008	    5:03:26 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	how about if all regulates relationships have the same colour?
March 25, 2008	    5:03:31 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	like blue or something
March 25, 2008	    5:03:38 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Blue is the is_a color
March 25, 2008	    5:03:42 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	oh
March 25, 2008	    5:03:47 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	or another colour
March 25, 2008	    5:03:54 PM	    from melissaH:	and the color of the part of icon. sigh.
March 25, 2008	    5:04:18 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	frantically loading file...
March 25, 2008	    5:04:42 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	You guys just let me know what colors and icons you want and I'll put them in.
March 25, 2008	    5:04:44 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Ok?
March 25, 2008	    5:05:12 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	maybe we need to mull it over for a bit longer
March 25, 2008	    5:05:20 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	That's fine.
March 25, 2008	    5:05:20 PM	    from David OS:	Sorry, I didn't want to start a big colour scheme debate.  I really don't care too much - as long as they are dark enough to contrast with the background.
March 25, 2008	    5:05:22 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	it hasn't been long since we got them
March 25, 2008	    5:05:36 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I'll try purple for the regulates links and send out a screenshot, but I'm open to other solutions.
March 25, 2008	    5:05:41 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	does anybody else want the three regulates icons to be three different colours?
March 25, 2008	    5:05:47 PM	    from David OS:	OK
March 25, 2008	    5:05:48 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	About the GO meeting, are people staying the night of the 23rd?
March 25, 2008	    5:06:02 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I am
March 25, 2008	    5:06:13 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Are there events that evening?
March 25, 2008	    5:06:27 PM	    from midori:	Some are, some aren't, depending on when they could get flights. All of the UK-based people are staying; we'll probably have to make our own fun.
March 25, 2008	    5:06:44 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	are we meant to see regulates relationships in the graph viewer?
March 25, 2008	    5:07:02 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	You will see them if you turn off the 'is transitive" filter
March 25, 2008	    5:07:04 PM	    from midori:	I do
March 25, 2008	    5:07:46 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	strangely, I don't 
March 25, 2008	    5:08:02 PM	    from midori:	do you see them in the tree editor?
March 25, 2008	    5:08:02 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Are you sure you turned that filter off?  It's probably set in your .oboeditbeta/filter_prefs.xml
March 25, 2008	    5:08:15 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	midori, maybe you can help Jen get that working?
March 25, 2008	    5:08:24 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I deleted the whole of oboeditbeta
March 25, 2008	    5:08:29 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	David, I'm looking into your dangling refs issues.
March 25, 2008	    5:08:30 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I'll work on it
March 25, 2008	    5:08:43 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	The problem is that the dangling refs generate objects that are not like normal term objects.
March 25, 2008	    5:08:57 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	They are a completely different class, which creates problems, and they lack names, which creates other problems.
March 25, 2008	    5:09:34 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Personally, I would like them to be more like normal objects, but Chris feels strongly that they must be ostracized and presented as the freaks that they are.
March 25, 2008	    5:10:05 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	would it make sense to release oboedit at a different stage of the week so we have more time to test before the meeting? Say wednesdays? I never get any time to take a look before the meeting
March 25, 2008	    5:10:29 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Yeah, I've been feeling bad about doing the releases on Mondays,
March 25, 2008	    5:10:39 PM	    from melissaH:	oh thats a good idea. 
March 25, 2008	    5:10:39 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	the thing is, I always want to get as many fixes as possible into the new release,
March 25, 2008	    5:10:43 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	so I end up doing it at the last minute.
March 25, 2008	    5:10:44 PM	    from David OS:	Thanks for looking in to this.  If it is possible to set the dangling refs to be ignored, except for the purposes of editing/display in the text editor?
March 25, 2008	    5:11:16 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	David, no, they can't be "ignored" because they are an abnormal state, and they are branded as such when they are read in.
March 25, 2008	    5:11:21 PM	    from David OS:	...is it possible...
March 25, 2008	    5:11:30 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I will look into this more, though, and discuss it with Chris.
March 25, 2008	    5:11:54 PM	    from David OS:	OK.  Can you cc me on any e-mails about this with Chris?
March 25, 2008	    5:11:56 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Anyway, about the release date, I will try to do the releases earlier so that you guys have time to try it out before the Tuesday meeting.
March 25, 2008	    5:12:08 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	thanks
March 25, 2008	    5:12:18 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	David, yes, but I was thinking of actually (gasp!) talking to Chris in person, since he is in the same office as me.
March 25, 2008	    5:12:26 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	oooooo
March 25, 2008	    5:12:50 PM	    from midori:	what a concept!
March 25, 2008	    5:13:03 PM	    from David OS:	:) OK.  Guess I'll ask him about it myself - I'd like to understand the issues a little better.
March 25, 2008	    5:13:04 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Other issues I plan to look into are the delete bugs and the redraw issues (components not redrawing automatically when things change in other components)
March 25, 2008	    5:13:26 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Hey, one more question about the timing of the GO meeting:  are there any events the evening of the 21st?
March 25, 2008	    5:13:29 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	should I see regulates in the graph viewer or just the graph editor? I see it in the graph editor
March 25, 2008	    5:14:21 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, I didn't test the graph viewer with the regulates relationship.
March 25, 2008	    5:14:31 PM	    from Karen Christie:	which one is the graph viewer?
March 25, 2008	    5:14:32 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	To be honest, I don't understand the graph viewer very well.
March 25, 2008	    5:14:33 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	it's there large as life
March 25, 2008	    5:14:41 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	It's what used to be called the Graph DAG Viewer
March 25, 2008	    5:14:48 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	but we renamed it because it doesn't show DAGs
March 25, 2008	    5:14:55 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	it's like the graph editor but you can't edit in it
March 25, 2008	    5:15:08 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	It's kind of like the graph editor, but it shows paths to root, right?
March 25, 2008	    5:15:10 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	also very like the graphviz viewer but with different underlying code
March 25, 2008	    5:15:14 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes
March 25, 2008	    5:15:32 PM	    from Karen Christie:	Hmm, must not be using that at all, as I have no idea which component this is
March 25, 2008	    5:15:46 PM	    from midori:	I'm only seeing is_a  and part_of in the graph viewer; it's the graph editor where I see regulates (sorry for earlier mixup)
March 25, 2008	    5:16:02 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	ah! I got regulates in the graph viewer now
March 25, 2008	    5:16:09 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	What did you have to do, Jen?
March 25, 2008	    5:16:17 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	hang on I'll check
March 25, 2008	    5:16:37 PM	    from midori:	yep, working now
March 25, 2008	    5:17:02 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	orange is good
March 25, 2008	    5:17:04 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	:-)
March 25, 2008	    5:17:06 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	for links
March 25, 2008	    5:17:40 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	would it be possible to try to make the regulates icons bigger in the ontology editor panel?
March 25, 2008	    5:17:41 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	What if I make part_of purple, then?  Would that be confusing?  Are people used to part_of being yellow-orange?
March 25, 2008	    5:18:02 PM	    from midori:	I've still got maroon. Is there some config thing I have to change or delete?
March 25, 2008	    5:18:15 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Jen, all the icons are scaled the same way; I don't think it would make sense to add special code to scale the regulates icons differently.
March 25, 2008	    5:18:21 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	how about part of royal blue and is_a dark blue?
March 25, 2008	    5:18:31 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	That's pretty subtle.
March 25, 2008	    5:18:36 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	the icons seem very small to me. Oh wait, deja vu.
March 25, 2008	    5:18:48 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	like the icon colours I meant
March 25, 2008	    5:19:11 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Yeah, we've talked about the icon sizes.
March 25, 2008	    5:19:25 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I'll send you a screenshot
March 25, 2008	    5:19:26 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	The regulates ones look smaller because the Rs are small because there's more "stuff" going on around the Rs.
March 25, 2008	    5:19:31 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Ok, send me a screenshot.
March 25, 2008	    5:19:31 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	they're problematically small on my sceen
March 25, 2008	    5:19:48 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Hmm.  Maybe you need a bigger screen. :-)
March 25, 2008	    5:19:54 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	possibly
March 25, 2008	    5:19:56 PM	    from midori:	maybe that's because your eyes are better than mine ;)
March 25, 2008	    5:20:03 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	all donations gratefully accepted
March 25, 2008	    5:20:03 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Whose?  Mine?
March 25, 2008	    5:20:08 PM	    from midori:	(so you can get away with a smaller font)
March 25, 2008	    5:20:10 PM	    from midori:	Jen's
March 25, 2008	    5:20:14 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Sorry, Jen, I am not donating any eyes.
March 25, 2008	    5:20:18 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	:-)
March 25, 2008	    5:20:26 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I could make the font bigger. hadn't thoght of that
March 25, 2008	    5:20:37 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	You mean, the font in the icons?
March 25, 2008	    5:20:43 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	bettter!
March 25, 2008	    5:20:59 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Feel free to fiddle with the icons.  Just send me the revised ones and I'll stick them in OE.
March 25, 2008	    5:20:59 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	regulates icons no longer small hazy blob
March 25, 2008	    5:21:01 PM	    from midori:	I meant the tree editor font, so the icons would scale up with it.
March 25, 2008	    5:21:11 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes
March 25, 2008	    5:21:13 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	It worked
March 25, 2008	    5:21:15 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Maybe a session at the GO meeting could be devoted to discussing the regulates icons and colors. :-)
March 25, 2008	    5:21:25 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes!
March 25, 2008	    5:21:39 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	that would get some sarky comments
March 25, 2008	    5:22:01 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	my font is really very big now
March 25, 2008	    5:22:10 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	must consider this further...
March 25, 2008	    5:22:22 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Rats, booted again
March 25, 2008	    5:22:28 PM	    from David OS:	"Maybe a session at the GO meeting could be devoted to discussing the regulates icons and colors. :-)" What and take all the fun out of the OEWG .....
March 25, 2008	    5:22:33 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	(Right after I suggested the special GO meeting session)
March 25, 2008	    5:22:46 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Did I miss anything?
March 25, 2008	    5:22:47 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	good idea
March 25, 2008	    5:22:49 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	nope
March 25, 2008	    5:22:52 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	just humour
March 25, 2008	    5:22:56 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Are we done?
March 25, 2008	    5:23:01 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	I mean, with this chat.
March 25, 2008	    5:23:02 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	yes I think so
March 25, 2008	    5:23:05 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	oh one thing
March 25, 2008	    5:23:09 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Yes?
March 25, 2008	    5:23:20 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	if you want to look at the bugs on my OS I could give you control of my eclipse via webex
March 25, 2008	    5:23:27 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	just a thought
March 25, 2008	    5:23:31 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I'm done noe
March 25, 2008	    5:23:32 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	now
March 25, 2008	    5:23:38 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Do you want to do that now?
March 25, 2008	    5:23:45 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	we could have a go
March 25, 2008	    5:23:46 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	:-)
March 25, 2008	    5:23:48 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Ok
March 25, 2008	    5:23:52 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	great
March 25, 2008	    5:23:55 PM	    from Jen Deegan:	I'll save the chat too
March 25, 2008	    5:24:01 PM	    from midori:	I'll bow out, since I have to get going anyway.
March 25, 2008	    5:24:02 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Thanks!
March 25, 2008	    5:24:06 PM	    from Nomi Harris:	Ok, bye everyone.