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05/27/2008    09:32:07 AM    from midori:	made it!
05/27/2008    09:32:14 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Yay!
05/27/2008    09:32:17 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Sorry about that.
05/27/2008    09:32:43 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hi, Amina!
05/27/2008    09:32:47 AM    from midori:	hi
05/27/2008    09:33:03 AM    from Amina:	hi Nomi and Midori
05/27/2008    09:34:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hi Alex
05/27/2008    09:34:53 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	Hi Nomi, I'll be mostly lurking, I'm afraid.
05/27/2008    09:34:59 AM    from Amina:	hi Ed and Alex
05/27/2008    09:34:59 AM    from Nomi Harris:	No problem.
05/27/2008    09:35:00 AM    from Ed:	Morning.
05/27/2008    09:35:01 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hi Ed.
05/27/2008    09:35:15 AM    from Nomi Harris:	midori, do you know if Jen is coming?
05/27/2008    09:35:52 AM    from midori:	Not user, but I don't know of any reason why she wouldn't.
05/27/2008    09:35:59 AM    from midori:	er, "not sure" ...
05/27/2008    09:36:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We'll give her another minute
05/27/2008    09:38:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Ok, let's just start.
05/27/2008    09:38:19 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	Do people ever notice differences between the two built in reasoners.  The newer one hangs in a loop for me.
05/27/2008    09:38:22 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	?
05/27/2008    09:38:26 AM    from Nomi Harris:	The newer one is a lot slower.
05/27/2008    09:38:34 AM    from midori:	I haven't done much with either reasoner lately ...
05/27/2008    09:38:42 AM    from Nomi Harris:	John revealed the probable reason for that in a discussion last week:
05/27/2008    09:38:47 AM    from Nomi Harris:	the old one didn't actually work.
05/27/2008    09:38:51 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	It completes then OBO-Edit keeps running the processor full out.
05/27/2008    09:38:56 AM    from Jen Deegan:	sorry I'm late
05/27/2008    09:39:05 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hi Jen!
05/27/2008    09:39:09 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Hi!
05/27/2008    09:39:26 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	The program becomes unresponsive.
05/27/2008    09:39:28 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Alex, the new one does often make my computer thrash, although it does complete if you have a small ontology.
05/27/2008    09:39:29 AM    from Amina:	Hi Jen
05/27/2008    09:39:39 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Hi Amina!
05/27/2008    09:39:45 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We know the reasoner is problematic and it's definitely high on the list to fix.
05/27/2008    09:39:51 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I'm using a subset of the SO, with a limited number of terms.
05/27/2008    09:39:56 AM    from Nomi Harris:	However, it's not going to be a simple bug fix.
05/27/2008    09:40:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Really, a subset of the SO and it's not returning?  That's odd.  Can you send me the file?
05/27/2008    09:40:15 AM    from Amina:	Alex could you please post a bug report with details of what you were doing and the name of the dataset
05/27/2008    09:40:32 AM    from Amina:	o ok
05/27/2008    09:40:42 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Please send me and Amina the actual dataset. Often people post the name of the dataset but I'm not sure where to get one
05/27/2008    09:40:49 AM    from Nomi Harris:	or whether it's the same as the one they used.
05/27/2008    09:41:11 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	sure
05/27/2008    09:41:26 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Was this with b39?
05/27/2008    09:41:29 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	yes
05/27/2008    09:41:47 AM    from Nomi Harris:	midori, did you try b39?  I was wondering if you liked the new menus.
05/27/2008    09:42:09 AM    from midori:	Downloaded and installed just minutes ago ... hang on, I'll fire it up.
05/27/2008    09:42:37 AM    from Nomi Harris:	When you guys get a chance, can you try the Text Editor and see if you see Erika's bug (can't commit changes)?
05/27/2008    09:42:41 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I haven't been able to reproduce it.
05/27/2008    09:42:53 AM    from midori:	I could swear the text editor worked in b38 ...
05/27/2008    09:43:09 AM    from Jen Deegan:	is that witht he commit button or autocommit?
05/27/2008    09:43:16 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Commit button.
05/27/2008    09:43:20 AM    from midori:	works with commit button for me
05/27/2008    09:43:23 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Me too.
05/27/2008    09:43:40 AM    from midori:	(b38, that is; waiting for b39 to start up)
05/27/2008    09:43:49 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'll suggest that she wipe her config directory and try again.
05/27/2008    09:44:00 AM    from Nomi Harris:	(BTW, there is now a button to let you do that from the Config Manager)
05/27/2008    09:44:14 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Does it really take that long to start up, midori?
05/27/2008    09:44:39 AM    from Jen Deegan:	commit works for me.
05/27/2008    09:45:22 AM    from midori:	did this time; might be the other stuff I have running, since it was slower than usual. I'l lsquawk if it persists in taking so long.
05/27/2008    09:45:40 AM    from Nomi Harris:	For me, the startup time has not changed.
05/27/2008    09:45:53 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Are you running any Office programs?  Those make everything slow down on my mac.
05/27/2008    09:46:01 AM    from Nomi Harris:	(Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
05/27/2008    09:46:02 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	Startup time seems normal to me.
05/27/2008    09:46:02 AM    from midori:	text editor working fine with commit button
05/27/2008    09:46:13 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Good.  So Erika must have just gotten in some weird state.
05/27/2008    09:46:31 AM    from midori:	i don't even have any MS software on this machine :)
05/27/2008    09:46:31 AM    from Jen Deegan:	is she on linux?
05/27/2008    09:47:09 AM    from midori:	but I have got two web browsers, gnucash, four terminal windows ... too much infor mation!
05/27/2008    09:47:18 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Yes, she's on linux.
05/27/2008    09:47:29 AM    from Nomi Harris:	(Erika, that is.)
05/27/2008    09:47:32 AM    from Jen Deegan:	is anybody able to test on linux?
05/27/2008    09:47:45 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I don't have a linux setup just now
05/27/2008    09:47:54 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Amina has linux.
05/27/2008    09:47:59 AM    from Jen Deegan:	great
05/27/2008    09:48:33 AM    from Amina:	I'm on the mac right now so i cant demo
05/27/2008    09:48:39 AM    from midori:	just quit & restarted b39 ... second startup at least as fast as ever
05/27/2008    09:48:41 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	(BTW, reasoning over the full SO with new reasoner and it doesn't get past 1% at all.  The Computer is running full out with fans blowing, one processor maxed.  It could be the SO itself, of course) )
05/27/2008    09:48:41 AM    from Amina:	but it works for me
05/27/2008    09:48:44 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Amina couldn't run WebEx on linux.
05/27/2008    09:49:03 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Alex, I'm pretty sure I've successfully reasoned over SO.  I'll look into it.
05/27/2008    09:49:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Maybe you need more memory.
05/27/2008    09:49:25 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I am getting older, it's true.
05/27/2008    09:49:32 AM    from Nomi Harris:	:-)
05/27/2008    09:49:34 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	(@ GB)
05/27/2008    09:49:37 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hey, speaking of memory,
05/27/2008    09:49:41 AM    from Amina:	I tried so some test cases with the SO file.. new reasoner works for me
05/27/2008    09:49:41 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	(2 GB)
05/27/2008    09:49:44 AM    from midori:	what were we talking about ?? ;)
05/27/2008    09:49:54 AM    from Nomi Harris:	have others noticed that the OBO flat file loader is not remembering what you loaded last?
05/27/2008    09:50:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	At some point, that stopped working for me.
05/27/2008    09:50:14 AM    from Jen Deegan:	mine is
05/27/2008    09:50:19 AM    from midori:	it just did remember for me, between my two b39 starts
05/27/2008    09:50:25 AM    from Nomi Harris:	So yours offers you the path of the last file you loaded?
05/27/2008    09:50:39 AM    from midori:	yup
05/27/2008    09:50:42 AM    from Jen Deegan:	yes
05/27/2008    09:50:43 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I think mine is remembering.
05/27/2008    09:50:47 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Hmm.  I wonder why it's not with me.
05/27/2008    09:51:05 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Guess I need to remove my oboeditbeta again
05/27/2008    09:51:05 AM    from midori:	at long last, one of the special personalized bugs has bit you!
05/27/2008    09:51:17 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Oh, I get plenty of personalized bugs!
05/27/2008    09:51:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm special, too!
05/27/2008    09:51:31 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Congratulations!
05/27/2008    09:51:49 AM    from Amina:	alex I'll test the new reasoner with the SO dataset again... 2GB should be sufficient
05/27/2008    09:51:55 AM    from Nomi Harris:	By the way, "oboeditbeta" is no longer .oboeditbeta.  It's now in a different place on different operating systems.
05/27/2008    09:52:16 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I have mixed feelings about this, but it was the consensus decision.
05/27/2008    09:52:18 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Yes that is working fine for me
05/27/2008    09:52:28 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Did it offer to copy over your old .oboeditbeta files?
05/27/2008    09:52:33 AM    from Jen Deegan:	yes
05/27/2008    09:52:38 AM    from Jen Deegan:	even in eclipse
05/27/2008    09:52:40 AM    from midori:	So + new reasoner made it to 53% quickly for me, but has been stucj there for a couple minutes (and counting)
05/27/2008    09:52:52 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I copied the .oboeditbeta preference when the program asked about it, can I trash the .oboeditbeta directory now?
05/27/2008    09:53:01 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Yes
05/27/2008    09:53:16 AM    from Nomi Harris:	In fact, that's a good idea, so you don't accidentally get confused and look at the old config files there
05/27/2008    09:53:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	when they are no longer being used by OE.
05/27/2008    09:53:32 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	(I had to force quit OE to get back good responsiveness -- never got past 1%)
05/27/2008    09:53:47 AM    from Nomi Harris:	That's not so good.
05/27/2008    09:53:53 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We'll investigate.
05/27/2008    09:54:17 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Maybe at some point Ed can take a look at the reasoner.
05/27/2008    09:54:17 AM    from Amina:	yes this is reasoner bug week!
05/27/2008    09:54:28 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I'll send the files I'm using.  I just downloaded SO last week again, but could also try a new copy.
05/27/2008    09:54:40 AM    from midori:	still 53% ...
05/27/2008    09:54:51 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'd also try quitting some of your other applications that use a lot of memory
05/27/2008    09:54:59 AM    from midori:	(not the most up-to-date SO ...)
05/27/2008    09:55:11 AM    from Nomi Harris:	such as web browsers, Eclipse, any drawing programs (Photoshop, etc)
05/27/2008    09:55:57 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	Of course, I often need to be referencing things in other programs when I am using OE, so running it by itself is not the nest solution.
05/27/2008    09:56:02 AM    from Amina:	my second test its stuck at 3%
05/27/2008    09:56:04 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	best
05/27/2008    09:56:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Sure, I agree
05/27/2008    09:56:13 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We definitely need to fix the reasoner.
05/27/2008    09:56:22 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm just suggesting ways you might try right now to see if it can complete.
05/27/2008    09:56:30 AM    from Amina:	I'll look into it today
05/27/2008    09:56:35 AM    from Ed:	Yeah, I'll take a look at the reasoner.  I'll also look at any memory leaks.
05/27/2008    09:56:37 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	Sure, I understand.
05/27/2008    09:56:42 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Besides the reasoner, are there other bugs that are particularly bugging you this week?
05/27/2008    09:56:46 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Thanks, Ed.
05/27/2008    09:57:02 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Did you find a good tool for finding memory leaks?
05/27/2008    09:57:36 AM    from Ed:	I'm thinking that for now, I'll just use the builtin Java tools for memory profiling.
05/27/2008    09:57:54 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	sorry I'm so very late (commuting issues)
05/27/2008    09:57:58 AM    from Ed:	There are some tricks you can use to help spot memory leaks, although it might not be enough (in which case I'll have to find a more rigorous tool).
05/27/2008    09:58:12 AM    from Nomi Harris:	That's ok, Tanya.
05/27/2008    09:58:21 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Did you try the new menus in b39?
05/27/2008    09:58:54 AM    from Ed:	And I figured that the fastest solution once I locate the memory issues is to use weak references.
05/27/2008    09:58:55 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	no
05/27/2008    09:58:58 AM    from midori:	yes, just one or two. Nice.
05/27/2008    09:59:00 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	just downloaded the beta
05/27/2008    09:59:13 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	yes (to the menus)
05/27/2008    09:59:30 AM    from Ed:	Or soft references.  I'll have to analyze if that leaked memory is really never accessed again.
05/27/2008    09:59:33 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Good.  I like the new menus--it's nice not having to hold the mouse down so much.
05/27/2008    10:00:02 AM    from Amina:	sounds good Ed let me know if I can help
05/27/2008    10:00:16 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Anything else to discuss today?
05/27/2008    10:00:33 AM    from Amina:	I had some questions for David -
05/27/2008    10:00:42 AM    from Amina:	I couldnt reproduce his reasoner bugs
05/27/2008    10:00:43 AM    from Nomi Harris:	David's not here, though.
05/27/2008    10:00:55 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I couldn't reproduce them, either.
05/27/2008    10:00:57 AM    from Nomi Harris:	He might be out of town.
05/27/2008    10:00:59 AM    from Jen Deegan:	If anybody wants to have a shot of the obomerge feature I'd be keen to hear bug reports.
05/27/2008    10:01:06 AM    from Amina:	yeah.. I was wondering if anyone else could
05/27/2008    10:01:29 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	By the way, at the NIAID Cell Ontology workshop two weeks ago, people really loved the OBO_Edit graph editor display.
05/27/2008    10:01:44 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Buggy though it is?
05/27/2008    10:02:10 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Colin Batchelor at the RSc was also enthusing to me about it.
05/27/2008    10:02:21 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	We didn't hit any bugs, but we were not editing with the graph editor, just displaying terms with it.
05/27/2008    10:03:06 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Colin is also keen on the image plugin that Alex reminded us of the other week
05/27/2008    10:03:19 AM    from Jen Deegan:	for displaying chemical structures
05/27/2008    10:03:28 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Is there any reason not to just add the image plugin to the standard distribution?
05/27/2008    10:03:36 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Why did John make it a plugin and not just part of OE2?
05/27/2008    10:03:45 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I use all the time for that myself.  And I set one of the other attendee up with the image plugin too.
05/27/2008    10:03:52 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I think it would be good to add it
05/27/2008    10:04:19 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I think I'll do that for the next release.
05/27/2008    10:04:27 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I think John didn't want it to slow down the release of OE2 -- but that is a moot point now.
05/27/2008    10:04:30 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We should get some images to include with it, to show what it does.
05/27/2008    10:04:30 AM    from midori:	Nomi - I think it's just that it was experimental, not that it couldn't or shouldn't eventually become a component.
05/27/2008    10:04:44 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Well, it probably has bugs, but so do other useful components.
05/27/2008    10:04:55 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I haven't seen a bug yet.
05/27/2008    10:04:57 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Do you guys have some good term images I could include?
05/27/2008    10:04:58 AM    from Jen Deegan:	it comes with two images I think
05/27/2008    10:05:03 AM    from midori:	if it's included, we might remember to test it ...
05/27/2008    10:05:15 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I haven't seen any bugs
05/27/2008    10:05:20 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'll include it in the next release.
05/27/2008    10:05:29 AM    from Nomi Harris:	By the way, I'll be away the week of June 14.
05/27/2008    10:05:29 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	Great
05/27/2008    10:05:32 AM    from Jen Deegan:	great :-)
05/27/2008    10:05:48 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	(great to the image plugin)
05/27/2008    10:05:58 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Ah.  I was wondering why it was great that I would be away. :-)
05/27/2008    10:06:05 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I think the instructions are on the wiki but not the help guide
05/27/2008    10:06:21 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I'll just look for them
05/27/2008    10:06:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	The instructions are for installing the plugin.
05/27/2008    10:06:40 AM    from Nomi Harris:	They won't be necessary when I include it with the distribution.
05/27/2008    10:06:50 AM    from Nomi Harris:	We'll need a help page for the image plugin.
05/27/2008    10:06:54 AM    from Jen Deegan:	http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/OBO-Edit:_Installing_the_Term_Image_Plugin
05/27/2008    10:07:03 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Speaking of which, some of the component help pages are pretty minimal, e.g. the one for the Graph Editor
05/27/2008    10:07:04 AM    from Jen Deegan:	that's what I mean
05/27/2008    10:07:27 AM    from Jen Deegan:	we need to do a blitz when people have time
05/27/2008    10:07:37 AM    from Jen Deegan:	we take a topic each until they are all done
05/27/2008    10:07:52 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I did some work on the help pages last week, but need to do more.
05/27/2008    10:08:08 AM    from Jen Deegan:	the image plugin instructions on the wiki I meant are the ones about how to add images
05/27/2008    10:08:09 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Do you forsee a time coming up when you might be able to spend some time working on them?
05/27/2008    10:08:37 AM    from Jen Deegan:	my priorities can be  changed :-)
05/27/2008    10:08:46 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Midori what do you think?
05/27/2008    10:08:55 AM    from midori:	july and august don't look too bad for me
05/27/2008    10:09:04 AM    from Jen Deegan:	me neither
05/27/2008    10:09:25 AM    from Nomi Harris:	But June is bad?
05/27/2008    10:09:54 AM    from Jen Deegan:	June is not awful for me either
05/27/2008    10:10:25 AM    from Nomi Harris:	If you decide to do extensive work on any help pages, just email the group to alert them so no one else works on those pages.
05/27/2008    10:10:38 AM    from midori:	june is getting full ... I have to work on the protease activity terms, which fills me with dread. But ifhat goes better than I expect, the end of June may become available.
05/27/2008    10:10:42 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I think it would be best if the whole group was mobilized about the same time
05/27/2008    10:10:54 AM    from Jen Deegan:	that is how we did it last time and it worked well
05/27/2008    10:11:03 AM    from Jen Deegan:	if we leave it to people to find time things will nto happen
05/27/2008    10:11:05 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Possibly, but I don't think that's a requirement if it's going to make it hard to find a time.
05/27/2008    10:11:12 AM    from Jen Deegan:	true
05/27/2008    10:11:23 AM    from Nomi Harris:	So should we just designate a "help write documentation" week?
05/27/2008    10:11:30 AM    from Jen Deegan:	yes
05/27/2008    10:11:35 AM    from Jen Deegan:	then we will find loads of bugs too
05/27/2008    10:11:46 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Week of June 30th?
05/27/2008    10:11:51 AM    from Jen Deegan:	fine by me
05/27/2008    10:11:57 AM    from midori:	We can do more documentation weeks if not enough people make the first one to get it all done.
05/27/2008    10:12:03 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Although that Fri is the 4th of July
05/27/2008    10:12:07 AM    from Nomi Harris:	which is of course a big holiday in the US
05/27/2008    10:12:09 AM    from midori:	week of June 30th probably OK for me ...
05/27/2008    10:12:11 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	(I'm off that week, sorry)
05/27/2008    10:12:17 AM    from Jen Deegan:	we could do the previous week?
05/27/2008    10:12:26 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Does that work for you, midori?
05/27/2008    10:12:32 AM    from midori:	less promising for me, but go ahead if it's ok for the rest
05/27/2008    10:12:32 AM    from Nomi Harris:	The sooner the better
05/27/2008    10:12:40 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	(but I'm really just a minor contributor)
05/27/2008    10:12:44 AM    from midori:	I'll chip in if I can,
05/27/2008    10:12:57 AM    from Jen Deegan:	is the week of the 30th better then?
05/27/2008    10:13:10 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I can get on to Karen and ask for a cross prodcuts demo
05/27/2008    10:13:21 AM    from Jen Deegan:	then I'd be able to document it
05/27/2008    10:13:38 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Chris wrote a powerpoint about cross products, have you seen it?
05/27/2008    10:13:40 AM    from midori:	for me, yes, but there's only one of me. We haven't heard from very many people yet ...
05/27/2008    10:13:51 AM    from Jen Deegan:	Not sure.
05/27/2008    10:13:53 AM    from Jen Deegan:	true
05/27/2008    10:14:01 AM    from Jen Deegan:	have they wandered off?
05/27/2008    10:14:06 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	hmmm ppt about xps?
05/27/2008    10:14:09 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	I don't think I've seen it.
05/27/2008    10:14:15 AM    from midori:	I've seen various ppts from Chris that deal with xps, so maybe
05/27/2008    10:14:15 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	I am moving back to the US at the end of June, which limits my availability for a while.
05/27/2008    10:14:15 AM    from Jen Deegan:	could you forward it?
05/27/2008    10:14:27 AM    from Jen Deegan:	good luck with the move
05/27/2008    10:14:28 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'll forward it to you, Jen.
05/27/2008    10:14:30 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	or maybe it's on the GO tutorial site?
05/27/2008    10:14:30 AM    from Jen Deegan:	ta
05/27/2008    10:14:33 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	thanks
05/27/2008    10:14:36 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'm not sure he wanted it distributed widely.
05/27/2008    10:14:37 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	can you forward to me as well, please
05/27/2008    10:14:52 AM    from Nomi Harris:	I'll ask Chris if it's ok.
05/27/2008    10:14:54 AM    from Tanya Berardini:	ok
05/27/2008    10:14:54 AM    from Nomi Harris:	He's not in yet today.
05/27/2008    10:14:55 AM    from Jen Deegan:	the main thing is to find out how oboedit2 does cross prodcuts.
05/27/2008    10:14:58 AM    from Jen Deegan:	I can get that from karen
05/27/2008    10:15:01 AM    from midori:	yes
05/27/2008    10:15:01 AM    from Amina:	plz fwd it to me too Nomi
05/27/2008    10:15:55 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Ok, anything else today?
05/27/2008    10:15:58 AM    from Jen Deegan:	nope
05/27/2008    10:16:11 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Thanks for coming, sorry about the bad WebEx meeting URL
05/27/2008    10:16:23 AM    from Alexander Diehl:	thanks, bye
05/27/2008    10:16:24 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Should we meet next week?
05/27/2008    10:16:32 AM    from Jen Deegan:	yes please :-)
05/27/2008    10:16:42 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Ok.
05/27/2008    10:16:48 AM    from Nomi Harris:	Bye!
05/27/2008    10:16:54 AM    from Jen Deegan:	bye!
05/27/2008    10:16:54 AM    from Amina:	bye everyone
05/27/2008    10:16:56 AM    from Ed:	Alrighty, see you guys next week.
05/27/2008    10:16:59 AM    from midori:	bye