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GO Editorial Office Report - October 2005

SourceForge items
  Items opened	75
  Closed by editorial office	100
   (note: no SF items closed outside GO-Ed. this month)
  In progress, assigned to editorial office	53
     note: for several SF items, we are waiting for replies to
     messages sent to the mailing list

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Content topics in progress:
  Development (Jen)
  Transporters (Jen)
  Examination of part_of relations in GO cellular component (Jane)
  Cellular component additions for MetaCyc (mainly Midori, also Jane)
  Reviewing Obol output for GO-Cell type integration (all, especially
    Midori & Amelia, with Chris M)

Content topics resolved:
  Development (Jen)
    eye morphogenesis
    axon regeneration
  small things for SourceForge entries

Very preliminary work towards making GO and Reactome more consistent
  (Midori, with Lisa Matthews)

  Proposals for content meeting (Amelia, Jane)
    self/non-self processes
    true path problems in cell death (Amelia)
  Organizing GO full day workshop for PAG 2006 (Jen)

Paper published:
  Lomax J, The Gene Ontology Consortium
  Get ready to GO! A biologist's guide to the Gene Ontology.
  Brief Bioinform. 2005 ; 6: 298-304 PMID: 16212777

GO Survey put online; responses continuing to come in 1st week Nov;
  summary in next report

Annotation outreach (Jen)
  Negotiating with Farm Animal people to get annotating group started
    in Europe. (This is now a draft proposal for chicken annotation
    from Dave Burt, under consideration by all groups.)

Some updates to web pages

Scripts (Amelia, Jen)

Mailing list quiet again

GO Bibliography now has 639 entries