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Ontology Development & GO Editorial Office Report - October 2009

I. Ontology Development

  • SourceForge
    • Items opened: 89
    • Items closed: 100 (3 deleted)
    • Items still open: 257
      • assigned: 101
      • unassigned: 56
  • Content items in progress
    • More additions following on from heart development content meeting held at UCL September 22, 2009 (David, Varsha, Doug, et al.)
    • Work on internal cross-products continues with review of sets such as BP-xp-self and CC-xp-self; see plan to add internal cross-products. (Jen, Jane, Midori)
    • Work to resume soon on terms for kidney development
    • Evaluating new link suggestions and mismatches from ChEBI cross-products (Midori)
    • Continuing to add function-process part-of links in gene_ontology_write.obo and gene_ontology_ext.obo (David, Tanya)
    • Work continues on overhauling terms related to viruses (Jane)
    • Signal transduction overhaul now considering comments made at September GOC meeting; see Signaling_Meeting_Minutes_July_2009#28th_October_2009 for latest notes (Jen and experts including Sandra Orchard)
    • Also continuing
      • Additional progress on Cellular component organization and biogenesis, in light of internal cross-products (Midori)
      • Taxon triggers; finished moving "sensu" information from synonyms to definitions. Continuing to resolve inconsistencies (follow links from main page for recent notes) (Jen)
      • Work on branching organ development (David)
    • Quality control continues as usual - reports generated by Chris (cronjobs)
      • Reasoner-based implied links for new regulation terms - also see above (David, Tanya)
      • Multiple part_of parents (several GO curators, especially Tanya & David)
      • Abduced links [[1]](David, Tanya)
      • Problematic regulates terms [[2]](David, Tanya)
    • Various SourceForge items

II. GO Editorial Office activities not represented in part I

  • Anything else
    • GO bibliography has 2876 entries

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