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Ontology Development Report - Oct 2010

I. Ontology Development


  • Items opened: 97
  • Items closed: 127
  • Items still open: 237
    • assigned: 177
    • unassigned: 60

Completed items

  • Synchronized over 1500 reactions with MetaCyc, KEGG, RHEA and EC, and converted reaction text to reflect ChEBI names [Amelia]
  • Various SourceForge items [all, but largely Midori]

Content items in progress

  • Ongoing signaling proposals for top-level signaling terms [Becky and signaling WG]
  • Continued submitting missing GOCHE terms to CHEBI, 225 remaining to add [Jane and Harold]
  • Editing GOCHE [David, Harold, Jane, Midori, Tanya, Chris]
  • Some cleaning-up of post-translational modification terms [Becky]
  • Ongoing progress with transcription overhaul, 3 existing terms clarified, 37 new terms [Karen and David]


  • GOCHE paper editing continues [David, Tanya, Jane, Chris, Midori, Harold]
  • Heart development paper finished [David and Varsha]

Anything else

  • Rebecca Foulger has joined GO Editorial Office team
  • Organising signaling ontology workshop for Feb 2011 [Becky]
  • Organising GOCHE meeting for Feb 2011 [David, Harold, Midori, Tanya, Chris]

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