Ontology Development progress report for November 2011

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Ontology Development Progress Report

GOC Meeting Nov 2011

Prepared and Submitted by Jane Lomax


  • David Hill (MGI)
  • Tanya Berardini (TAIR)
  • Karen Christie (SGD)
  • Harold Drabkin (MGI)
  • Becky Foulger (EBI)
  • Amelia Ireland (MGI)
  • Jane Lomax (EBI)
  • Chris Mungall (LBL)
  • Paola Roncaglia (EBI)

Ontology Editing

SourceForge Requests (Paola, Becky, Jane and rest of team):

SF items opened (SF items closed) 
2011-11-01	72	(28)
2011-10-01	76	(85)
2011-09-01	75	(87)
2011-08-01	88	(209)
2011-07-01	89	(191)
2011-06-01	92	(79)
2011-05-01	84	(83)

Term Statistics

Total number of GO terms added June 2011 to Nov 2011 (inclusive): 2620
Total number of GO terms obsoleted June 2011 to Nov 2011 (inclusive): 44

TermGenie (Tanya)

Around 500 new terms added via this mechanism in this period.
Several new templates added including 

Major Projects

Transcription overhaul (Karen, David):

Project completed. Some ongoing improvements (Karen and David)

Kidney Development (Becky, David, Doug, Emily, Midori, Rachael, Susan with Yasmin, community experts)

Paper under final review.

Apoptosis (Paola, Becky, Emily, Ruth, and community experts)

Caspase terms phase I done (Paola and Pablo)
Top-level term structure almost finalized (Paola, Pablo and community experts)

Chemicals in GO (Amelia, Chris, David, Harold, Jane, Midori, Tanya)

Meeting between GO and CHEBI to resolve final details of alignment (Nov 9, UCL)
GOCHE checked and correct (David, Tanya)
Paper almost ready for submission (Chris, David, Harold, Jane, Midori, Tanya, Becky, Paola, ChEBI staff and Mike Bada)

Cardiac Conduction

First meeting at UCL 10-11 Nov

Internal logical definitions

biological processes that occur in cellular components - reviewed and added to live GO

Signaling (Becky, Ruth, Sandra, Varsha, Alex, Peter, Susan and community experts

Added ligand binding HAS_PART relationships to receptors (Becky)
Cleaned up receptors that aren't functions (Becky)

Viral work (Becky, Jane and curators from SIB)

Draft term structure nearly complete