Ontology Logistics February 2007

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Logistics meeting, February 1, 2007

Present: Midori Harris, David Hill, Jen Clark, Jane Lomax, Amelia Ireland, Tanya Berardini


  1. web documentation for is_a complete
    1. Action item: David will write the documentation, Amelia will put it up on the web.
  2. updating generic GO slim
    1. Action item: Jane will do.
  3. setting priorities for new items added to future content items list
    1. Action item: Midori edited and placed items from the Timeline list into the Priority list after discussion with the group. (done)
    2. Action item: Midori to create new page that has related SF items grouped together for further action
  4. Additional items:
    1. Jane will add upcoming meetings to GO Google Calendar.
    2. Disjointness violations resolutions: Many viral, many immunology. jane will look at viral stuff.
    3. Making cellular component part_of complete: David had concerns about recapitulating the is_a tree this way. Jane says that the only terms that are not part_of complete are the unlocalized protein complexes. They could be part of cell but need to be examined on a case-by-case basis.