Ontology meeting 2011-09-14

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Becky and Paola will report on the apoptosis progress (we decided this can wait a couple of weeks until nearer implementation)

Discussion notes

Discussion notes - I

CHEBI xps implementation plan discussion (following CHEBI meeting immediately prior)

Action: Jane to organize second meeting in 4-6 weeks to check on CHEBI's plan for has_parts

Discussion notes - II

Annotation relations, qualifier column.

We're planning to include a default relationship between gp and GO term in the GAF file for GAF 2.1. These would be:

  • CC: part_of
  • BP: participates_in
  • MF: actively_participates_in

Discussion notes - III


See discussion on: SF:3396697

We need to decide how to generate xps where term name is too generic.

Action: David will divide up file and send ~20 xps to each person

Discussion notes - IV

MENGO terms. Jane to give overview.

Discussion notes - V

  • Add disjointness axioms for development cross-products:


Action: D&T to add disjoints and run reasoner in OE to see what happens