Ontology meeting 2019-07-22

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Conference Line

See calendar for details


Discussion topics

Moving to Protégé 5.5

  • Instructions: Protege5_5_setup_for_GO_Eds
  • Did everyone try?
    • I had some weird things happen when creating and modifying synonyms last week, but I couldn't quite put a handle on what was going on. The diff file looked good but Travis was failing and when I closed and opened the file in Protege, I could then see the errors. (David)

External Resources

  • I think we need an ontology editor and a software person to be responsible for the xref files. Pascale has been doing this. Is it working and does she need more resources?
  • UniPathway__What are we planning to do ? https://github.com/geneontology/go-site/issues/951

The plan discussed in Geneva, Dec 2018- ontology editors meeting is to move the UniPathway to OLS and link there. What do we need to do next ? (6,910,457 annotations in QuickGO linking to UniPathway) Action item: Pascale to edit the dbxref.yaml file.

Progress on ontobot

  • David and Jim have regenerated a lot of import files with ontobot, seems to be working great, David will start to assign specific people to different external ontologies. THings seem to be moving along smoothly.
  • Today's CL import hasw a lot of correct, but meaningless inference.

Other business