Ontology meeting 2019-08-05

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Conference Line

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Discussion topics

Moving to Protégé 5.5

  • Instructions: Protege5_5_setup_for_GO_Eds
  • Did everyone try?
    • I would like to double-check that everything is working correctly wrt reasoners on my Protege. - Kimberly
    • I also have a question about display of external ontology term labels in equivalence axioms. Sometimes term labels are displayed, e.g. 'epithelial cell' (CL:0000066) and sometimes the term labels are not displayed, e.g. 'sorus' (DDANAT_0000094). - Kimberly
    • I had some weird things happen when creating and modifying synonyms last week, but I couldn't quite put a handle on what was going on. The diff file looked good but Travis was failing and when I closed and opened the file in Protege, I could then see the errors. (David)

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