Ontology meeting 2019-10-28

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Conference Line

See calendar for details

On call: Chris, Eric, Harold, Jim, Karen, Kimberly, Pascale, Peter, Tanya


Discussion topics

Term merges and taxon constraints

  • Instructions for merges: Pascale updated to mention that if a term you plan to merge has taxon constraints, the taxon constraints must be edited and regenerated before doing the merge. See Merging_Ontology_Terms.


  • We are going to have the meeting in NYC on December 3rd and 4th.
  • Peter D is holding 5 rooms at the Washington Square Hotel for Monday, December 2nd and Tuesday, December 3rd.
  • Attendees will need to pay for rooms themselves at checkout and then get reimbursed (subcontract, if possible; main GOC grant if not).
  • If you need nights outside of those dates, please arrange independently.

Reasoning over roles

  • Chris, David, Karen - form a working group?

Editors -discussion tickets

  • There are currently 34 tickets with an editors-discussion label.
  • Let's review these to see if they still need discussion.

Other Business


Minutes should be recorded on individual tickets and in individual projects