Ontology meeting 2022-05-02

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  • Group members: Pascale, Karen, Harold, Raymond, Peter, Jim, Tanya, Kimberly, David, Chris, Paul
  • Present:
  • Regrets:

Annotation review requests instructions

Detailed procedure here: Annotation_Review_Request

  • TO DO: add instructions about copying from AmiGO to the spreadsheet
  • TO DO: Create AmiGO ticket to download a file upon 'Download', not to open in html

Debrief GOC meeting

Debrief single-step process jamboree& next steps


  • DONE: prok slim: change cytosol to cytoplasm
  • TO DO: Generic: copy and rename 'metazoa'
  • TO DO: Create 'eukaryotic cellular'
  • TO DO: update geneontology.org to have two sections about subsets: one 'general' and one specialized
  • TO DO: contact EBI person about GO ribbons in UniProt

Cross-Ontology Obsoletions

  • This issue came up during the run-up to the 2022-04-28 Noctua systems outage
  • In our imported ontologies, UBERON had obsoleted a valid EMAPA term
  • We aborted the automatic ontology updates for 2022-04-28 but should discuss if there are ways to catch these kinds of things before we accidentally make incorrect updates

Prokaryotic processes

mycofactocin-coupled metabolic process From Chris "Paul and I are on a call with some people from NCBI PGAP team, they are associating their families to GO terms so it's good to address their issues to get good prok coverage

Can we discuss this one on our next call: [GitHub issue 21741

Also Daniel was bemoaning the loss of the cofactor terms"

(Note that we have discussed this on Nov 15, Ontology_meeting_2021-11-15

  • Pascale emailed Daniel; no reply