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This is a list of questions that arose while PAINTing PTHR10529.

Questions for MOD curators

Cellular Component

All organisms

  • Critical: LRP5 and LRP6 are believed to be single-pass transmembrane proteins due to sequence similarity. Can anyone justify this with an experimental annotation?
    • Curator answer: Insert answer here.

Questions for ontology curators

Cellular Component

  • Should GO:0005768 "endosome" ("a membrane-bounded organelle to which materials ingested by endocytosis are delivered") be an is_a child of GO:0031410 "cytoplasmic vesicle" ("a vesicle formed of membrane or protein, found in the cytoplasm of a cell")?

Biological Process

  • GO:0048069 "eye pigmentation" is_a GO:0032502 "developmental process," but it isn't a child of GO:0001654 "eye development." Is this right?