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Questions arising during PAINT curation of the Axin1/2 family. Note: this is a large family of regulators of G-protein signaling, but this initial PAINT curation if focused on just the Axin 1&2 clades.

Questions for MOD curators



  • Please confirm that fly Axn is placed properly in AN4 clade instead of AN316 clade. Note the annotation to GO:0030178, the long branch lengths to Axn and AN63, and the existence of the current paralog FBgn0030962.



  • Axin 1 & Axin2: Can you make the "protein binding" annotations more specific? For axin1, there are also several annotations to children of "protein binding" that could possibly be more specific.
  • Axin1: Does PMID 10318824 actually show GO:0016566 "specific transcriptional repressor activity" as a MF of Axin, or does it just show that Axin participates in the BP GO:0016481 "negative regulation of transcription"?


  • Axin1: Can you make the "protein binding" annotations more specific?


All organisms

  • There are no CC annotations for any of the Axin2's.

Human has GO:0005813 centrosome IDA from PMID: 20300119 [VK]


  • GO:0048222 "glycoprotein network" is a child of "cell wall." Is this annotation appropriate for mouse?


All organisms

  • Is there any evidence that Axin2 regulates JUN kinase activity or the JNK cascade? That it regulates any kinase activity at all?
  • Is there any evidence that Axin2 is involved in transcriptional regulation?


  • Can you make the annotations to GO:0030163 "protein catabolic process" and/or GO:0051248 "negative regulation of protein metabolic process" more specific?
  • Is Axin1 involved in GO:0071514 "genetic imprinting," or is it just that it gets imprinted (PMID 12601169)?
  • Please verify annotations from MGI refs #48782 and #48780, which are 50+ years old.


  • For the "eye development" and "embryonic eye morphogenesis" annotations, please specify the "camera-type" child terms.

Questions for ontology curators


  • Should GO:0043507 "positive regulation of JUN kinase activity" be part_of GO:0046330 "positive regulation of JNK cascade"?