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Questions that arose during PAINT curation of the disheveled family.

Questions for MOD curators



  • Important (not critical) : Should the Dvl3 GO:0005102 "receptor binding" IPI instead be GO:0031749 "D2 dopamine receptor binding"? The abstract of the cited paper, PMID 17472703, states "Immunoprecipitations (IP) conducted using protein isolated from the rat prefrontal cortex indicated that dishevelled-3 is associated with the D2 dopamine receptor."

Mouse and Fly

  • Critical : The IDA to GO:0070300 "phosphatidic acid binding" on fly dsh comes from PMID 19234454. However, I think if you check the methods for the relevant experiment, shown in figure 3, it says that the mouse Dvl1 protein was used. Can you please verify and, if necessary, fix this?

Questions for ontology curators

Biological Process

  • Should GO:0042249 "establishment of planar polarity of embryonic epithelium" be a child of GO:0001736 "establishment of planar polarity"? (SF # 3112926)
    • Approved and fixed