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This is a list of questions that arose while PAINTing PTHR12607.

Questions for MOD curators

Biological Process


  • Question: Is there sufficient justification for specifying GO:0031274 "positive regulation of pseudopodium assembly" instead of the parent term GO:0031269 "pseudopodium assembly" for Apc (PMID 17192415) using an IMP? Does the paper actually show regulation?
    • Curator answer: Insert answer here.

Questions for ontology curators

Cellular Component

  • Seeking clarification: Should lamellipodium (GO:0030027, "A thin sheetlike process extended by the leading edge of a crawling fibroblast; contains a dense meshwork of actin filaments") be a child of ruffle (GO:0001726, "Projection at the leading edge of a crawling cell; the protrusions are supported by a microfilament meshwork")?