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  • CAEEL|WB=WBGene00000967|UniProtKB=A5JYX5
  • CAEEL|WB=WBGene00000982|UniProtKB=Q22392
  • CHICK|ENTREZ=420183|NCBI=XP_418296
  • CHICK|ENTREZ=421130|UniProtKB=Q5ZL32
  • CHICK|ENTREZ=428538|NCBI=XP_426092
  • DANRE|ZFIN=ZDB-GENE-030909-7|UniProtKB=Q7T2D1
  • DANRE|ZFIN=ZDB-GENE-040426-2049|UniProtKB=Q6NY56
  • DANRE|ZFIN=ZDB-GENE-040426-2861|UniProtKB=Q7SZ49
  • DANRE|ZFIN=ZDB-GENE-041014-340|UniProtKB=Q5RHH5
  • DANRE|ZFIN=ZDB-GENE-070112-2242|UniProtKB=A1L1W4
  • DROME|FB=FBgn0000055|UniProtKB=P00334
  • DROME|FB=FBgn0029994|UniProtKB=Q9W3K9
  • DROME|FB=FBgn0032910|UniProtKB=Q8SYX3
  • HUMAN|ENSEMBL=ENSG00000170786|UniProtKB=Q8N3Y7
  • MOUSE|MGI=MGI=1924238|UniProtKB=Q8VCH7
  • MOUSE|MGI=MGI=2668443|UniProtKB=Q7TQA3
  • RAT|RGD=1565999|NCBI=XP_216325
  • RAT|RGD=727793|UniProtKB=Q80ZF7

Please click here to find the RDH10 (PTHR24316) annotations in plain text format. Please be aware that there is a known problem wherein a dog protein is shown with an influenza A taxon id.

Note: The GAF file appears to be too big to fit here. Please contact Mike for it.

There are 2 types of annotations:

  • Up-propagation: Annotations to hypothetical ancestral proteins showing a consensus parental GOID (column E) and the proteins on which these annotations are based (column H).
  • Down-propagation: Annotations to real proteins based on their descent from the hypothetical ancestors (column H).

Up-propagations: 37

Down-propagations: 2379

Unique GO terms: 37

Species represented: tbd