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Due to a bug with uploading Excel files, please click here to find the PSEN1&2 annotations in plain text format. This is a tab-delimited text GAF file containing suggested annotations for the PSEN1/PSEN2 (presenilins) family of proteins (PTHR10202) produced by protein family annotators using the PANTHER method, August 2009.

There are 2 types of annotations:

  • Up-propagation (no species listed): Annotations to hypothetical ancestral proteins showing a consensus parental GOID (column E) and the proteins on which these annotations are based (column H).
  • Down-propagation (species listed, following the corresponding up-propagation): Annotations to real proteins based on their descent from the hypothetical ancestors (column H).

Up-propagations: 39

Down-propagations: 288

Unique GO terms: 39

Organisms represented: 7 (CAEEL, CHICK, DANRE, DROME, HUMAN, MOUSE, RAT)