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Files/views of predicted annotations: Please note that there are some fixes to the PAINT-produced GAF that need to be made, so the graph/tables are not in sync with the annotation notes below. They are here as examples of tools that we can provide to help with the review of these annotations.


This is a GAF file containing suggested annotations for the CPS1 family of proteins (PTHR11014) produced by protein family annotators using the PANTHER method, June 2009. It is an Excel worksheet with Autofilter turned on and the splitscreen frozen to show a header row.

There are 2 types of annotations:

  • Up-propagation (in boldface): Annotations to hypothetical ancestral proteins showing a consensus parental GOID (column E) and the proteins on which these annotations are based (column H).
  • Down-propagation (in plaintext, following the corresponding up-propagation): Annotations to real proteins based on their descent from the hypothetical ancestors (column H).

This file contains suggested annotations for all RefGenome organisms. There are 3 up-propagations and 109 down-propagations spanning 3 unique GO terms.

CPS1 node 171.png Cps1 an171 annotations.png

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