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TPP1(CLN2) family

Source forge tracker

  • Doug noted that the human gene was incorrectly annotated to 'aminopeptidase activity' (corrected)
  • also, dicty had an annotation to 'subtilase activity' from Interpro which has now been replaced by 'serine-type endopeptidase activity' (GO:0004252)

  • those should probably be IEAs

Annotations to propagate

  • Only human and mouse have EXP annotations
  • Nothing can be propagated to other species based on the annotations we have.
  • Annotations:
    • tripeptidyl-peptidase activity (GO:0008240) - ISS with human (UniProtKB:O14773), rat (RGD:621296)
    • proteolysis (GO:0006508) ISS with human (UniProtKB:O14773), rat (RGD:621296)
    • ? peptide catabolic process (GO:0043171) ISS with human (UniProtKB:O14773)
    • lysosome (GO:0005764) ISS with mouse ISS with human (UniProtKB:O14773)
    • lysosome organization (GO:0007040) (MGI:3693379|UniProtKB:O14773)
    • ? nervous system development (GO:0007399) : human only
    • ? neuromuscular process controlling balance : mouse only
    • -> neurological system process (GO:0050905) suggested parent (oups - not a parent of nervous system development). But one wants to say something about the nervous system??

NOT to propagate:

  • Soluble fraction (GO:0005625) - mouse and rat have ISS/ISO to human
  • Mitochondrion (GO:0005739): mouse HTP data. Human and rat have ISS/ISO to mouse
  • Peptide binding (GO:0042277) - Human have ISS to rat
  • protein binding (GO:0005515) - mouse and rat have ISS to human
  • bone resorption (GO:0045453) - Human and rat have ISS/ISO to mouse
  • neuromuscular process controlling balance (GO:0050885) - Human and rat have ISS/ISO to mouse

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