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This is a GAF file containing suggested annotations for the GRIN1 family of proteins (PTHR18966) produced by protein family annotators using the PANTHER method, June 2009. It is an Excel worksheet with Autofilter turned on and the splitscreen frozen to show a header row.

There are 2 types of annotations:

  • Up-propagation (in boldface): Annotations to hypothetical ancestral proteins showing a consensus parental GOID (column E) and the proteins on which these annotations are based (column H).
  • Down-propagation (in plaintext, following the corresponding up-propagation): Annotations to real proteins based on their descent from the hypothetical ancestors (column H).

Up-propagations: 59

Down-propagations: 2413

Unique GO terms: 48

Organisms represented: 8 (human, mouse, rat, chicken, zebrafish, fly, worm, and plant)

Problems detected and fixed through annotation of this family:

  • A link was added to make "metal ion binding" (GO:0046872) a child of "cation binding" (GO:0043169), and another link was added to make "metal ion transmembrane transporter activity" (GO:0046873) a child of "cation transmembrane transporter activity" (GO:0008324). (SF Curator requests item #2807974 [1])
  • A link was added to make "sleep" (GO:0030431) a child of "behavior" (GO:0007610). (SF Curator requests item #2810946 [2])
  • A link was added to make "voltage-gated cation channel activity" (GO:0022843) a child of "cation channel activity" (GO:0005261). (SF Curator requests item #2811726 [3])

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