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  • When used to describe the relationship between a gene product and a GO Cellular Component term, the 'part of' relation is used to describe the location of a gene product without necessarily making a statement about whether the gene product's activity (Molecular Function) occurs in that location.


A core relation that holds between a part and its whole.

Child Terms

  • Please see the Relations Ontology 'part of' entry for relevant child terms.
  • Note that some child terms are not relevant for describing the parthood relationship between two material entities, e.g. a gene product and a cellular component.

Examples of Usage

  • The human LEF1 transcription factor is 'part of' the nucleus.
  • PMID:18579517
  • "To confirm this observation, nuclear extracts were prepared from the Th1 C29 and Th2 D10 cells, and the expression patterns of LEF-1 and TCF-1 in these cells were examined by Western blot analysis. Interestingly, we found that LEF-1 was expressed in Th1 C29 but not in Th2 D10 cells (Fig. 1B). "

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