Projects stand up meeting 2021-07-28

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  • Present: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris
  • Regrets:
  • Managers: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris


  • GOC meeting dates: Oct 13-15 (Wed to Friday)

Discussion points

Ongoing projects

Laurent-Philippe projects

See project

SynGO Annotations

  • There are some data issues with these annotations
  • Where does all of this stand in our project priority list?
  • Wait until we've finished up other projects?
  • Add to the existing project but don't start on the work yet?
  • Invite Dustin to a call?
  • More generally, people are asking about importing annotations
    • What formats?
    • Documentation?

MOD imports

Kimberly and David described tasks - not all tickets are assigned yet; need Jim and probably Sierra

    • Jim assigned the tickets with the 'imports' label; this is high priority
    • Sierra will be tagged, so she can be trained
  • We need to schedule Jim's time for this - post RHEA jamboree?
  • MGI -> waiting for GPAD
  • WormBase -> waiting for GPAD and round trip before asking Alex changed to the GPAD export he produces
  • XenBase
  • SGD (no tickets yet)
  • ZFIN -> no project; all errors and bugs have been corrected; need to roll out



Tremayne, Laurent-Philippe, Kimberly, David

Model Copy


  • GPAD project
  • NEO : fix/refactor to make more robust and add more species/chains(?) (and maybe automate some parts like periodic reloading)
    • NEXT: define what we need/ tasks, and evaluate workload
    • UniProt will move to using a more restricted set of genomes/entries, can we align to this?

GOC meeting Action Points

action items

  • Are any of these items high priority?