Projects update meeting 2022-07-20

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  • Members: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris, Cynthia
  • Present:
  • Regrets: Huaiyu


GOC meeting

Oct 11-13 at CalTech; a mix of in-person and remote

No GO calls the first 2 weeks of August

  • Many people are off the first week; the second week is the no GO calls week
  • Who is away next week?

David, Chris, Kimberly (from Wed. onward) others?

Ongoing work updates

Active Projects

GCBR application due August 8.

(Paul) Mostly we need to generate specific usage statistics. Paul will make a Google doc by tomorrow so Seth can provide the required stats

Projects soon ready to be closed

Google drive move

  • Suzy to report on status & check on other people
  • Chris to move his files
  • Do we need to add any documentation (since we said documentation should be part of all projects) - would be worth it to write how we organize files, etc
  • Plan to end by the end of July

Model copy

  • Status
  • Documentation?
    • Curator-facing documentation still needs to be added - David will do that

SynGO Updates

  • Is the next task documentation?
  • Seth: we need a new project to determine load/testing in the future

Loading MGI non-mouse annoations into Protein2GO


Noctua enhancements and bug fixes

Ontology updates in Minerva / Noctua


  • All tickets done
  • Need to add curator-facing documentation
  • Documentation has been added to the Noctua outage SOP

Visual Pathway Editor

  • Last tickets need testing/closing
  • Documentation needs to be completed

Yeast Pathways

  • Dustin

Ongoing projects

Alliance software support

Is this active?

Relations to link MFs

  • Kimberly (PO), David, Pascale, Paul T (PI)
  • Aim to clarify use of relations to link MFs. This work may also entail creating new relations in RO. The deliverables are: a set of relations to links MFs, exemplar models and explanations, documentation, and a strategy for harmonizing existing relations with new guidelines.

[GO-CAM Enrichment]

Explore GO-CAM enrichment with PaulS's summer student Nick. PI: Chris (PaulS) PO: Kimberly TL: Dustin Other: Kimberly, Jim, Dustin

GO API refactor


Software essential and proactive maintenance

Ongoing data QC and pipeline maintenance

To prioritize

Loading widgets into AmiGO

What's next? How high of a priority is this?

  • Need to decide exactly what we want - needs have a proper project and propose some specs and deliverables (and PI, PO, TL)

Potential priorities short list

MOU draft

Can this be automated from the yaml?

  • CHRIS: YES!!!!
  • NEXT
    • Make a lits of the various contributing groups and their status
    • Make a Google form so people can 'sign'
    • Set up some reminder system so we check every year or so whether groups are stil active (especially those that don't attend the meetings)

To schedule for a future call

  • Paper planning: Chris and Nomi