Projects update meeting 2022-08-17

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  • Members: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris, Cynthia
  • Present: David, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris, Cynthia
  • Regrets: Huaiyu


GOC meeting

Discussion items

Status - main ongoing tasks by all project members

From now until the next GOC meeting

Xenbase load into Noctua

Timeline for SGD and WB import into Noctua

  • Proposal: prioritize this work for mid-October after the GOC meeting with the aim of completing by the end of 2022
  • Need to coordinate SGD, WB, UniProt, and GO developer and curator time
    • AI: Need to elaborate a list of tasks + person responsible + detailed timeline (similar to what MGI did)
    • AI: who needs to participate: Kimberly, Suzi, Alex, Seth, Dustin, Shuai, Juancarlos

142 species and which species we can annotate in Noctua

Projects soon ready to be closed

DONE Google drive move

  • Suzy to report on status & check on other people
  • Chris to move his files
  • Do we need to add any documentation (since we said documentation should be part of all projects) - would be worth it to write how we organize files, etc
  • AI Seth Turn off legacy drive

Model copy

SynGO Updates

  • Is the next task documentation?
  • Seth: we need a new project to determine load/testing in the future

Loading MGI non-mouse annoations into Protein2GO


MOU draft

Can this be automated from the yaml?

  • CHRIS: YES!!!!
  • NEXT
    • Make a list of the various contributing groups and their status
    • Make a Google form so people can 'sign'
    • Set up some reminder system so we check every year or so whether groups are stil active (especially those that don't attend the meetings)

DONE Noctua enhancements and bug fixes

  • This project is now completed and closed.
  • Next possible Noctua project when Tremayne returns: align AE relations between ShEx and Noctua form and VPE?

Ontology updates in Minerva / Noctua


  • All tickets done
  • Need to add curator-facing documentation
  • Documentation has been added to the Noctua outage SOP

Visual Pathway Editor

  • Last tickets need testing/closing
  • Documentation needs to be completed

Yeast Pathways

  • Dustin

Ongoing projects

Alliance software support

Is this active?

Relations to link MFs

  • Kimberly (PO), David, Pascale, Paul T (PI)
  • Aim to clarify use of relations to link MFs. This work may also entail creating new relations in RO. The deliverables are: a set of relations to links MFs, exemplar models and explanations, documentation, and a strategy for harmonizing existing relations with new guidelines.
  • We need to establish regular meeting times again.

[GO-CAM Enrichment]

Explore GO-CAM enrichment with PaulS's summer student Nick. PI: Chris (PaulS) PO: Kimberly TL: Dustin Other: Kimberly, Jim, Dustin

GO API refactor


Software essential and proactive maintenance

Ongoing data QC and pipeline maintenance

To prioritize

Make GO-CAM templates (new project)

Loading widgets into AmiGO

What's next? How high of a priority is this?

  • Need to decide exactly what we want - needs have a proper project and propose some specs and deliverables (and PI, PO, TL)

Potential priorities short list

To schedule for a future call

  • Paper planning: Chris and Nomi