Projects update meeting 2022-10-26

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  • Members: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris, Cynthia
  • Present:
  • Regrets:



  • Seth 80%
  • Sierra 20%


  • 30%


  • Harold 75%
  • David 67%


  • Suzi:100 %
  • Edith 10%?


  • Pascale 100%
  • Tremayne: 40%
  • Dustin: 40%
  • Anushya: 50%
  • Marc 50%


  • Raymond: 100% ?
  • Kimberly: 30-40%


Proposed priorities for the next 6 months


Update on ongoing work

Active projects - Week of Oct 24

Staff Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4 Aligned with Matrix? Notes
David  Relations to link MF - documentation  Annotation Extension Relations in Noctua  All Reactome projects  
Dustin  Essential software maintenance & QC and pipeline Panther 17?    Yes
Kimberly  Relations to link MF  WormBase - Noctua migration  Annotation Extension Relations in Noctua  Ongoing Noctua maintenance and Annotation Calls Yes
Jim  Annotation Extension Relations in Noctua  Ongoing - QC and pipeline (ontology support)    
Sierra  Annotation Extension Relations in Noctua  API    Yes
Seth  Essential software maintenance & QC and pipeline & Noctua routine maintenance   JSON for GO-CAM API (essentials)    
Pascale  Relations to link MF  BP refactoring  Ongoing - Management (~20-25%)  
Tremayne  Annotation Extension Relations in Noctua  VPE ?    Pathways widget ?  
Harold  Ontology      
Raymond  Ontology       
Marc  PAINT (40%), GO-CAM models (10%)      

Update on ongoing projects

Project PI PO TL Other resources Delivery or next review date Any blocking issues?
 Relations to link MF  Paul T Kimberly - David, Pascale; also, what is the RO release cycle?
API  Chris Chris Seth Sierra, Dustin, Tremayne
Maintenance:   NA
WB and SGD load Started week of October 17th TBD Kimberly (WB), Suzi (SGD)? TBD TBD
Annotation Extension Relations in Noctua Paul Kimberly Seth David, Dustin, Tremayne, Jim Is this ongoing ? Draft requirements doc (still WIP):
GO-CAM enrichment  Chris (Paul S) Kimberly (I'm not spending much time on this, but Nick needs some more feedback/input.) Dustin Kimberly, Jim, Dustin
Reactome projects:  
  • Peter
  • Peter
  • Peter
  • Peter
  • David
  • Peter
  • NA
  • Darren
  • NA
  • NA
  • GO software for NEO support
  • Alan
VPE   Paul Paul ? Tremayne
Google drive move  Chris Suzi Seth All managers Any remaining tasks?
  • I think as far as accessing the old drive, it's been dormant for almost the whole month. Anyone that's editing seems to be editing the new drive. -> no action needed to close old drive?
  • However, there is still the 'Chris unorganized' folder that needs to be sorted.
Yeast pathways  Paul T Suzi Dustin
Pathways widget  Paul T TBC TBD TBD Tremayne ? Project is closed; do we have specs and deliverables for this?

Next projects

Project Scheduled for (time frame) PI PO TL Other resources Project specs document Is project sufficiently defined? Any blocking issues?
GORULES (low-hanging fruit) TBD Pascale Dustin Tremayne? Anushya? Seth? Specs: Can draw from (and CLOSE):
Update Noctua documentation TBD TBD NA Pascale, Patrick Masson To be reviewed by Kimberly, David, Suzi
PLANNING GO-CAM API (merge public APIs) Chris TBC Chris TBC Seth TBC Sierra Specs & deliverables to be defined