Projects update meeting 2023-03-01

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  • Members: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris, Cynthia
  • Present: Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris,
  • Regrets: David, Cynthia


GOC consortium

Discussion points

  • uniprot-all file is confusing to users, because it is not at all the same file as the one provided by UniProt (GO Central filters to exclude most IEAs). Alex asks that we rename it.
    • Discussion: Need to understand what the difference is between the two files

[Reference species]


  • Current load time ~ 2 days
  • Seth proposes that this becomes an active project
  • may need to get a new machine
  • advantage is that this would be consistent with Panther & allow species-specific downloads
  • Patrick can also work on this
  • Announce enough in advance so that use dont have to maintain old and new files
  • However: pipeline cleanup and API projects should be wrapped up before getting this started

Projects reviews

[Outreach plan]

Suzi's suggestions

  • Wed: longer tutorial-like tweets
  • improve FAQ
  • increase contact with other groups with GO users questions (GOA, SGD, UniProt)

Provide GO rules by 'assigned by'




Project management kaban

Proposed priorities for the next 6 months