Projects update meeting 2023-08-16

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  • Present: David, Jim, Seth, Chris, Paul, Kimberly
  • Regrets:



Grant and goals (from PaulS via Chris Tabone):


  • Chris and PaulT on it; will communicate back to us
  • Seth to send follow-up email to ChrisT and GO developers

Upcoming projects


  • It sounds like we're all on pretty much the same page; clarified: separating concerns ("traditional" vs GO-CAM) and ideally getting more blue sky requirements from participating groups.

Projects updates


  • The closing of the MGI project necessitates moving to GPAD/GPI 2.0. This should perhaps be explicitly listed as a goal, even though it is technically incidental?
  • Discussed whether we would be able to announce this transition at the GO meeting (likely).
  • Discussed whether there should be a software-only breakout to discuss upcoming pipeline-breaking changes; are worried that by the time that meeting notes filter back to software teams, little real info left--better to attempt to communicate directly. Will see how the meeting agenda shapes up and add in somewhere.