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Setting up Crob Tabs for generating PAINT and MF-BP GAFs


The PAINT inferences for each family are submitted into: These inferences are then parsed by a script and annotations are split by taxon_id and these GAFs are submitted to -
(Each group should be picking up annotations from this pre-submission directory and incorporating them into their own MOD DB and GAFs). Now that more curators are doing PAINT annotations, inferences are being checked into CVS more often. Currently the conversion to these GAFs happens when they are requested. We need to generate the taxon specific GAFs on a more regular basis. It was agreed on the Ref.genome call that it is sufficient to generate these GAFs once a month.


  • The script that generates these should be put on a cron tab.
  • In addition, when these files are generated and checked into CVS, an email should be sent to the each group.

MF-BP inferences

MF-BP: Inferences based on inter-ontology links are currently generated by Chris's script and dropped into - and this script is also run manually.

  • Can the location of these files be moved to a NEW directory under the gene-associations directory?
  • Can this script also be put on a Cron tab
  • An email sent out to groups when a new file is checked in?