Protein and peptidyl amino acid modification / protein processing

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The protein amino acid modification and peptidyl amino acid modification terms need to be be revisited and revised. Some of the issues:

  • The difference between peptidyl and protein needs to be cleared up.
  • There is currently no link between 'peptidyl-amino acid modification ; GO:0018193' and the individual types of modification (protein amino acid acylation, protein amino acid deamination etc etc).
  • The difference between protein amino acid modification and protein modification needs to be decided and made clear in the term definitions. E.g. 'protein palmitoleylation ;GO:0045234' vs 'protein amino acid palmitoleylation ; GO:0045235' DONE- terms merged
  • There is currently no generic term for C-terminal protein amino acid modification (the N-terminal equivalent does exist: GO:0031365).


The protein modification terms are currently divided into 4 sections:

    • Type of modification (eg phosphorylation, acylation etc)
    • WHICH amino acid is modified (peptidyl-tyrosine modification)
    • WHERE in the protein the modified amino acid lies (N-terminal protein amino acid modification ; GO:0031365)
    • WHEN the modification occurs (in cases where we know): post translational vs co-translational

Specific changes to do:

  • N-terminal protein amino acid modification ; GO:0031365 probably needs to be moved out from being a child of peptidyl-amino acid modification ; GO:0018193

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PROTEIN PROCESSING also needs to be looked at:

At the moment, it's a child of protein maturation, and its definition is restricted to cleavage.Is this too restrictive?

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