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There is a very early alpha of the status tracker here. The tool's front end is written with GWT and the backend will be with the new OBD API. All data passed between the two will have to be serializable.

Note:: Recently migrated to latest version of GWT (1.5). Testing out its compatibility and implemented features.

Working features

  • List of targets: Currently there are two interfaces as we are test driving which one is most suited for our purpose. However, the features that act on the list(create,update,delete etc) are yet to be implemented(still stubs).
  • List of orthologs: The display interface is completed in addition to the paging feature.

All the search features and their displays are fully functional.

  • Search by name: Does a wild card search on gene name.
  • Search for target: Does a exact search on human gene name.
  • Organism specific search: Exact search on gene name restricted to the selected organism. The list of organisms are generated on the fly.


  • Completion of target list display including the list manipulation features(created,update,delete,other links etc).
  • Paging based view for all the displays(list browsing and search results).
  • Ortholog list display.
  • First beta release/release for public test drive ???
  • Bulk upload of target-list file.
  • Report generation feature.


1) List Target (from db) - takes too long to search.