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For the rat genes we're filling columns N and O. I'm sort of keeping track of the numbers of papers I'm actually opening in full and read/to some extent read. I'm not sure though how meaningful this number is.

L - Total Publications

As for column L, I agree with Rachel. The number of false positives you get from a PubMed search using all names/symbols and the species of your interest is very big. There are cases when many if not most hits have nothing to do with the gene you're looking for, or the hits are not for the species you've selected (at least fore the rat genes). We had only two 'publications' columns in the previous spreadsheet; my interpretation of 'publications' versus 'publications curated' was as for the current columns N and O, with N as above. If we fill column L then this is not the number of publications associated with the gene, but the number of hits we get from the literature search trying to find those publications.

M - Triaged papers

we don't have a special triage process. We're searching the literature for articles for the genes we want to annotate. Abstracts for the titles that sound promising are read and the full paper is opened, as applicable.

N - Number of papers read

Sometime I read the entire paper because the authors have used the rat gene along with genes from other species and I get the chance to do (perhaps) some annotations; many other times I don't need to go beyond the beginning of the experimental section to realize that I can't use the paper, i.e., not the rat gene. Do both cases count as 'reviewed by curators'? Depending on how much of the paper I read, I include them. Then, there are the articles that 'sounded' promising but one doesn't even need to go beyond the abstract/introduction to realize that for a number of reasons - cell types, tissue, transfection of rat cells, etc. - they are not suitable for annotations to GO. Are they reviewed though? I don't count them

O - Number of papers producing GO annotations

number of papers actually used to do annotations for the rat gene.