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New genes for June

available at RefG PPOD targets

A list sent by Val :

  • Here is a set of 20 (Pascal and Rex happy)
  • Conserved in mainly single copy, even in plant (everyone happy, especially Tanya)
  • No E coli (Jim and Debbie very happy)
  • I can’t find ANY papers for any of these in any organism (except the occasional high localization experiment in yeast)…they seem to be mainly nuclear or nucleolar (find some process data which can be ISS’d to and I’ll be happy, but there should be very little work for everyone)
  • problem from previous list of conserved genes (pasted from Val's email): It isn’t surprising that Tanya got so many. This is because we are trying to select orthologs with single copy in every organism including E.coli. This selection is mainly metabolic pathway, and some ribosomal proteins. Ribosomal proteins tend to be present in two (or more) copies in many organisms. The metabolic pathway enzymns are frequently present in 2 or 4 copies in plants (some seem to be recruited to secondary metabolic pathways). I think in the selection procedure we outlined in Princeton we said were aiming for single copy, but the copy number could be greater for a couple of orgs, unfortunately this will usually be the case for bacterially conserved genes which means a large workload for TAIR

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