RefGenProgress 2009-05 (Archived)

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  • May annotation call was canceled: we are still providing lists of 20 genes per month to annotate and are waiting on the PAINT tool to be available
  • PAINT update: It is now possible to output lists of sequence identifiers from any node. This will allow us to select gene lists based on Panther families rather than PPOD families.
  • PAINT software development update: Paul, Suzi, Chris, Pascale, and Mike has a conference call on May 21 to discuss future features to be implemented in PAINT. They are :
    1. The ability to select terms that are not on the list of annotations (ie, parent terms). Sometimes annotations are just more granular between different organisms but a parent term could be chosen. The software must absolutely allow that for us to be able to annotate.
    2. Add links to AmiGO or Quick GO or OBO edit to visualize the ontology easily.
    3. Clicking on a GO term should highlight, on the tree, all proteins (or collapsed nodes) in the clade
    4. Exporting annotations

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