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  • A new version of PAINT was made available to tress curators (Pascale Gaudet, Mike Livstone, Kara Dolinski). Main change is that the 'NOT' information is now sent from the server to the client. You should see this information now getting populated in the annotation panel, when you click a node that has been annotated with a 'NOT' qualifier.
  • We have started to annotate families using the PAINT tool. The data is available here for review by curators and integration in their respective database: GAFs_for_trees-based_annotations
  • Target annotation genes for July include 'hot genes' (DICER1, LIN28) and PANTHER families in numerical order (PANTHER10010). See

  • Note that the target families are now based upon PANTHER families. The lists are obtained form the PAINT software and are currently stored on the wiki.
  • The was an annotation conference call (wider than reference genomes, but initiated form this group) that addressed the question of 'binding' terms. Working group activities are documented in the wiki: Binding_terms_working_group
  • An electronic annotation jamboree is being scheduled for late July/early August.
  • New PPOD families were generated at Princeton. Note that the IDs are all wiped and we need to remap any information linking to old IDs.

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