Reference Genome Data Management and Reporting

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Project lead: Sven Heinicke Additional personnel: Mary Dolan

Coordinates with: Reference Genome group.


The Reference Genome group requires detailed reporting and tracking to ensure coordination of annotation and that targets are met. This reporting is also of interest to a wider community. All reports should be derived from the database.



load gp2pthr

Loading seq2pthr files. Resolve ID issues.

Also requires loading qfo fasta to get full gp info until we have full gp tables

Status: mostly done, some ID issues remaining (Mary to check)

basic report

  • summary page for browsing all families
  • per-family pages

status: DONE; but more enhancements required, see below

per-family page

excel downloads

Mary to do


We want to load the full .NHX files from panther to get the intermediate nodes (AN:xxx) branchlens etc in a normalized form


Demonstrate advanced querying in GOOSE