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Documentation will be added later; this page is currently a placeholder page for the software group and members of the GOC with SQL experience.

All the reports below are generated from the SQL views documented here:

See the go-refgenomes-views module and the go-evidence-views module

IC codes

ND codes


A refgenome annotation outlier is an annotation in which there are no homologous gene products experimentally-annotated to the same node, ancestor nodes or descendant nodes. The above query is additionally constrained to find non-ISS outliers. Results are sorted by ontology, homolset then organism/source

In this query, an annotation is only treated as an outlier if there are no homologous gene products experimentally annotated to the same node or an ancestor node


  • documentation
  • link to AmiGO and refG graphs
  • more options for evidence codes
  • only check for outliers in other species?

Requesting other reports

Other reports are easy to generate - just submit them to the GO database tracker: