Reference Genome December 2009 (Archived)

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PAINT update: Vbeta16

A new version of Paint has been released that supports configuring curation status colors. You can configure the colors (the changes are persistent) from the "Edit->Curation status colors..." menu option.

P-POD update

A new version of the P-POD families was released on Dec 14. There are two significant changes:

1) the analysis was run with the new version of OrthoMCL (version 2.0b6).

2) the analysis pipeline was run using the set of 48 genomes used in the PANTHER protein families to better integrate the orthologous prediction results from OrthoMCL and InParanoid with the broader PANTHER families. Note that the results with the 48 genomes are currently available only by file download and are not yet viewable via the P-POD web interface.

Note that the PPOD families have new IDs. For example, ORTHOMCL1234 in the previous version is not the same as ORTHOMCL1234 in the new version. Kara is working on generating a mapping file that maps proteins to their appropriate ORTHOMCL family at the time the protein was assigned as a Ref Genome target.

Next electronic annotation jamboree announced

The next electronic annotation jamboree will take place Monday the 22nd of February. The curation call will, as usual, take place at 11am EST, 10 AM CST, 8am PST, 4pm GMT and last a maximum of 2 hours. The two annotations targets will be chosen from this list:

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