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Electronic annotation jamboree

  • The 5th electronic annotation jamboree will take place on Feb 22, 2010, at 4pm BST/11 am eastern/8 am pacific to 6pm BST/1pm eastern/10 am pacific
  • Agenda /minutes are here : Electronic_jamboree_feb22-2010
  • annotation targets are : SLIT2 and NIPBL

3rd GO annotation camp

  • The annotation camp will take place over 3 days, from June 16-18 (Wednesday-Friday). This annotation camp will be focused on updating and refining skills of existing GO biocurators including new GO biocurators in existing annotation groups and including the Swiss-Prot curation team.
  • More details about the contents of the meeting will be announced soon. If there are specific items you would like to discuss, please add your suggestions to the same wiki page.

Monthly conference call

Lung development project

The last set of targets for the lung development project has been sent. We aim to have all annotations done by March 1st in order to annotate the trees between March and April 2010.

PAINT update

  • Process annotations can now be done using a grid view, in addition to the tree view. Ed Lee is working on extending this to F and C.

PPOD update

Kara and her group did a new run on the 12 Reference Genome protein sets using a new version of OrthoMCL. These results are viewable on the web. In addition, we ran OrthoMCL on all 48 PANTHER species for incorporation into PAINT; currently, these data are only available for bulk download because we have not yet scaled our web interface to handle the much larger families.

Note that the PPOD IDs have changed from previous versions. Kara is working on having all the information re-mapped in the google spreadsheets by the next Ref Genome call. [edit]

GO mirror at Princeton

  • Princeton has set up a GO mirror

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