Reference Genome July 2010 (Archived)

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Wnt_signaling_Pathway launched

Most groups are up to date with respect to annotation of the wnt targets: Wnt_signaling_Pathway#Annotation_targets.2Fprogress_table_.28BATCH_1.29


By email discussion following the July conference call, it was decided that Suzi will write a script to run on a regular basis (daily? weekly?) either from here in Berkeley or at Stanford. This script will generate 13 GAF files and place them in the go/gene-associations directory where the other gaf files are kept. These files will be named thusly:

  • gene_association.paint_XXX.gz (where XXX will be substituted by the name of one of the ref. genome organisms)
  • gene_association.paint_other.gz (for the platypus, opossums, and all the other non-ref. genome organisms)

If a MOD curator decides they would like to look at a particular annotation they would still have the option of retrieving all the files needed to load that particular family into PAINT from the file directory located here: go/gene-associations/submission/paint/PTHRnnnnn (where nnnnn is the number of that family). The script will be using these as the source to build the files listed above.

Everyone agreed on this (please speak up if you didn't!)

PAINT families curated

  • PTHR11447 p53
  • PTHR24221 TAP2 (ABC transporter)
  • PTHR11361 Mismatch repair MutS/MSH