Report from Managers call to Annotation Outreach Group, 26th June 2006

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From e-mail to Annotation Outreach Group:

I had a chance to talk to the PIs recently at the management conference call and while I was at the content meeting in Bar Harbor. It seems like there is still some discussion to be had about exactly what the priorities are for the various working groups.

Also: First of all, apparently I was misinformed when I was told that all the people who are fully funded by the GO grant should be on this working group. Judy says actually we've just to have people who are interested on the working group. Therefore, if anybody has been drafted on to the list because they're GO funded and doesn't really have time or interest in the topic then please do feel free to unsubscribe. :-)

The first main result of this is that we now have Harold Drabkin joining us as the official MGI mammal outreach person since Judy wants him on the group, but Alex will be staying on since he has been such a huge help in all we've done so far. Bonus!

From the management Conference call:

Next, I had some action items from our previous IRC meeting that I should ask some questions at the managers conference call. I asked the questions and I have the answers now.

1) Q/ Can we put text on the website to say what the current GO associates have done to become GO associates?

A/ PIs: No, we have discussed the GO associate thing over and over again and we are not going to add more info to the website. If people have queries on this send them directly to the GO-Top mailing list with the PIs on it and they will answer the question.

The PIs made the further point that if we are having groups show interest in annotating GO but not really getting to the point where they commit to anything then we should send details to the PIs and they will follow up. Mike explained it as "You hook 'em, we reel 'em in."

2) I asked about the annotation tool working group and apparently Suzi is taking over that effort. I have sent info to this effect to the annotation tool mailing list so we'll see what develops there.

Feedback from other sources:

Following up from last time I have also asked about whether we can get the outreach database made into a MySQL database with a web front end. Chris says it would be a lot of work to make a webfront end and they could only do it if the PIs think it is a higher priority than AmiGO. I guess that's out then. I am asking Chris if he has better ideas. Perhaps the current filemaker database could go on the web at stanford, or the file could just go on cvs so we could all download it? I'll let you know if we get any progress.