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David Hill and Tanya Berardini attended the Annual Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology in San Francisco in July 2009. In a follow-up to a preliminary experiment where David attended the Molecular Reproduction & Development meeting in the April where he listened to talks and modified the ontology both on the fly and in the evenings after the meeting, we decided to add to this by modifying the ontology based on talks at the SDB meeting. The goal of this was to determine if the ontology could be modified as the result of attendance at a meeting. Specifically, our rationale was to compare the effectiveness of 2 curators traveling to hear the experts rather than inviting a few experts in to meet with curators.

A total of 143 new terms were added to the ontology and 9 terms were revised based on 20 talks at the meeting. There is still one talk on transcription regulatory networks that is pending because it is not clear how we are going to fit the information into the ontology. There were also several talks on the history of developmental biology that did not lend themselves to the addition of terms to the ontology.

One issue that was encountered at this meeting was the lack of internet access at the meeting venue. Internet access was not available in any of the meeting rooms. It is not clear how this affected productivity.

Before the meeting, the schedule of the meeting was reviewed as well as the existing state of the ontology in the areas that were going to be covered based on abstracts. Terms that were addressed based on this meeting were given the dbxref GOC:sdb_2009.

The following terms were added or touched based on the talks presented at this meeting. File:SDB terms.doc

To retrieve the terms, the following script was used, from the go-perl-0.09 package:

in the directory go-perl-0.09/scripts

perl -r 'GOC:sdb_2009' FILEPATH/go/ontology/editors/gene_ontology_write.obo