SWUG:Meeting 2012 03 14

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GO-RDF/XML plans

  • short term fixes: mysql params
  • medium term: GAF 2 gordf in java
  • long term: OWL

Action Items:

  • Check for XML Writer in Java for large documents (Tony, Heiko)
  • Improve release documentation (Chris)
  • Other language bindings (non-Java) for OWL?

Transition to SVN

Background: Migration_of_GO_to_SVN_(Proposal)

  • ontology directory moves on 2012-03-15

Common Annotation Tool


  • moving GAF checks into Jenkins
  • Of potential interest here is the discussion of Redundant annotations [1] from the March 13 Annotation call. Mary will be the point person for communication between the software and annotation groups on this issue.


Action Item

  • Check if nginx (or similar) could help Amigo 1